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unified collaboration 

When it comes to business collaboration systems, one size does not fit all. Every business operates differently and has unique communication needs. PBX Solutions from Alaska Communications are customized to best fit your business requirements.

Whether you have 5 or 3,000 employees, a single office, or multiple locations, our PBX Solutions allow you to do more with less – keeping your business flexible, innovative and competitive without driving up operating costs.

revolutionize   how you do business 

With powerful collaboration capabilities that allow you to work from anywhere, anytime. 

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Our experts custom design your PBX Solution based on the number of lines and features your business needs, suiting anywhere between 5 to 3,000 employees across multiple locations.

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Unite dispersed employees with the ability to work together seamlessly, from across the building, city or even state.

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Handle high call volumes with built-in intelligence to route calls quickly and accurately, and choose from a range of options to better manage your business phone and long distance charges.

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Seamlessly integrate new or existing systems and applications to enhance your PBX Solution to your specific business needs.

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Take your phone extension with you. Calls to your office ring on any designated device, so you never miss a call. Administrators can also manage from anywhere.

Solutions for Land's End - Homer 

Updating their antiquated phone system which was impacting their ability to manage call volume.

Installed a new phone system to better communicate and meet guest experience standards.

Land's End has a long history of investing in things of lasting value. That's why it was important to get them upgraded to a phone system that could create value for both their staff and guests. With the upgraded phone system, the famous Homer Spit resort was able to upgrade their guest experience with features such as: auto attendant services, guest wake up registration, and guest room voicemail.

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