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Billing Support

About Your First Bill

What should I expect on my first bill? Why are there partial month fees?

You may have noticed that your first invoice is slightly higher than expected. Your first bill is not typical because it may contain some of the following charges related to the setup or a change to your service.

  • Prorated Charges: Your first invoice will likely include some prorated charges to cover your first, partial month of services. For example, if your bill is generated on the 15th of the month and your service started on the 5th, then your invoice will contain a charge for 10 days of service plus the cost of next month’s service.
  • One-time charges: When setting up or changing service, sometimes there is a one-time charge (such as an installation fee).
  • Taxes and surcharges: Typically, taxes and surcharges are a percentage of your total bill and since your bill is higher than normal, your taxes and fees will be higher than normal as well.

How to read your bill

Not quite sure how to read what’s on your bill? View the below examples for instructions on how to read what’s on your bill.

Bill Balance

How much is my Alaska Communications' bill?

Check your balance and make payments online with the security and convenience of AccountView, or with Easy Features:
In Anchorage: 563-EASY (563-3279)
Outside Anchorage: 1-800-808-8083

Billing Errors

How do I report an error or problem with my bill?

Please contact us as soon as you notice the problem and a Customer Service representative will work with you to resolve it.

For issues with your residential bill - Residential Assistance Contact Us.

For issues with your business bill - Business Assistance Contact Us.

Bill Payment Options

Where and how can I pay my Alaska Communications bill?

Your bill can be paid in various ways. Please refer to our Bill Payment Options for the latest ways in which you can submit a payment.

Taxes and Surcharges

Why am I being charged taxes and surcharges?

All telecommunication companies are required by various governing bodies at the federal, state, and local levels to collect a variety of taxes, fees and surcharges. The money collected through these charges is passed along directly to the governing body that mandates the charge to support programs like the Emergency 911 Dispatch Centers. To learn more, visit taxes and user fees.

Additional Resources

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