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Alaska Communications Fiber



Fiber 250 250Mbps Download Speed
250Mbps Upload Speed
Unlimited Data
Plume® WiFi
HomePass - 12 Month Trial $99.99/mo
Fiber 500 500Mbps Download Speed
500Mbps Upload Speed
Unlimited Data
Plume® WiFi
HomePass - 12 Month Trial $129.99/mo
Fiber 2500 2500Mbps Download Speed
2500Mbps Upload Speed
Unlimited Data
Plume® WiFi
HomePass Membership Included $179.99/mo
Alaska Communications Fiber is available in select neighborhoods in Anchorage, Soldotna, and Fairbanks. Service subject to availability. Prices and plans subject to change. Applicable taxes and fees may apply. Subject to Acceptable Use Policy. Terms and conditions apply.
Plume Super Pods shown to scale near smartphone

Plume SuperPod And HomePass Membership

Included In Your Order Boost and expand connectivity on all your devices throughout your home with Plume SuperPods and HomePass Membership. With the easy-to-use HomePass app, you can simply self-install your SuperPods and manage your WiFi right from your smart device.

One Plume SuperPod is included with purchase and is provided at time of installation. Additional SuperPods are available to purchase at time of installation for $99.99 per device. 12-month free trial of HomePass membership is included with Fiber 250 and Fiber 500 plans. HomePass membership beyond 12-month trial becomes customer responsibility of $5.99 per month or until cancelled. HomePass membership included in Fiber 2500 plan.

Reasons To Become A Fiber Fan

Get an internet connection that runs laps around the competition

Fiber Fast

Alaska Communications Fiber delivers the fastest home internet speeds offered in Alaska with highly-reliable and consistent speeds up to 2.5Gbps.

Unlimited Data

Each fiber plan includes unlimited data, so everyone in the house can download and upload without concern about data caps.

Save More

Affordable monthly plans with no hidden fees. Free Plume SuperPod WiFi router and free installation ($1,600 value), plus more.

Alaska Friendly

Fiber is sustainable, using far less energy than copper-wire cables to transmit data and can be installed underground using low-impact microtrenching technology.

No Contract

Select a monthly prepaid subscription with no term contract – all speed, no strings.

WiFi Control

Boost and maintain WiFi connectivity throughout your home with Plume SuperPods and manage it from anywhere with the HomePass app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alaska Communications Fiber is available in select neighborhoods in Anchorage, Soldotna and Fairbanks. We’ve let eligible households know their home is within our fiber footprint. If you haven’t been contacted, don’t worry! You can request to be notified when Alaska Communications Fiber is coming to your neighborhood.
Using the latest fiber optic technology, Alaska Communications Fiber service can deliver symmetrical speeds up to 2500Mbps. That’s the fastest home internet speeds offered in Alaska. In addition to speed, customers can also enjoy the reliability of fiber. Fiber is much stronger than copper and is not susceptible to inclement weather conditions. Lastly, according to a study by Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council Americas, fiber internet capability can increase your home's value by as much as 3.1%.
Alaska Communications Fiber installations may take up to four hours depending on weather, property, and inside wiring conditions. This includes both exterior and interior installation.

Alaska Communications Fiber installations occur in two phases. Phase 1, exterior installation and phase 2, interior installation.

  • Exterior Installation
    During your installation appointment, a technician will attach a small utility box called a Fiber Drop Box to the exterior of your home. From there, our technicians will identify the best path for burying the cable. The tech will run a cable from the Fiber Drop Box to the Fiber Access Terminal near your property and connect to the network. All said and done, little impact is made to your property, and we leave your property in the same condition as we arrived.
  • Interior Installation
    Once a fiber cable is passed through a wall and enters the interior of your home from the Fiber Drop Box, the Optical Network Terminal (ONT), which resides in your house, is connected to the network. The ONT will also be connected via an Ethernet connection to your WiFi device (or the Plume SuperPod provided at time of installation). Once the wiring is complete, the tech will help you activate your WiFi network using the HomePass app that you will need to download to your smartphone. After set up and activation, you will have fiber fed WiFi service in your home.
Microtrenching involves digging a narrow trench of one to two inches wide and up to two feet deep where fiber optic cabling will be inserted. It’s a quick, low-impact deployment for installing fiber optic cabling without damaging or disrupting existing infrastructure.

After your order has been submitted, you will receive an email from Alaska Communications outlining next steps and how to prepare for your installation. Following are a few tips for smooth installation:

  1. Don’t cancel your current service until we install your new service.
  2. Make sure someone 18 or older is available for the entire installation.
  3. Installation requires access both inside and outside your home.
  4. Choose a location in your home where you would like your fiber cable to come in from and attach to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). Note - you will want an AC power outlet nearby so we can power the ONT and WiFi SuperPod.
  5. Clear the area around the fiber cable entry point and the AC power outlet for easy access. Note – our technicians are unable to move televisions, appliances and furniture.
  6. Download the HomePass app available on iOS or Android as you will need it to activate your WiFi.
Depending on your location, most Alaska Communications Fiber service requests will be installed within 15-45 days of your order. If you are outside of a fiber-build location, your installation may take place at a later time. In that case, an Alaska Communications representative will contact you with those details.

Yes, your order does include one free Plume SuperPod. Alaska Communications technicians will install your SuperPod and will help you activate your home WiFi connection using the HomePass app.

Download the HomePass app on iOS or Android as you will need it to activate your WiFi.

For more about Plume SuperPod and HomePass Membership visit: Plume WiFi Support.

Should your home require more than one SuperPod, you may request additional SuperPods at time of installation. Our technicians will be able to provide you with the necessary number of SuperPods to optimize your homes WiFi network. Additional SuperPods costs $99.99 per device.

Plume SuperPods and HomePass Membership.

Yes, you have the option to use your own router(s). However, we highly recommend Plume SuperPods and the HomePass membership as they are designed to improve and strengthen your WiFi connection throughout your home.