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Truly Unlimited Internet

Apples to Apples
It's time to set it straight and compare apples to apples - and not apples to oranges - Order Unlimited Internet from Alaska Communications

Compare Unlimited Internet

Before you choose an internet service provider, we want you to know the real differences between our Unlimited Internet and what the other guy offers as "UNLIMITED".

See for yourself. After comparing, we think you'll agree that truly Unlimited Internet from Alaska Communications is the clear choice for both value and savings.

Alaska Communications
Unlimited Internet
Download Speed
Up to 50 Mbps
(perfect for browsing, streaming movies and music)
Up to 1 Gbps
(good if you're a gamer)
Upload Speed
Up to 10 Mbps
Up to 50 Mbps
Network Delivery
Designated network line means fewer slowdowns
Shared cable lines mean regular slowdowns*
*In practice, cable’s speed advantage is much less than the theoretical numbers suggest. Since you're sharing the cable line with others, cable modem services can slow down significantly, especially during peak internet access times such as after school, work, and into the evening.

Let Go of Limits and Go Truly Unlimited

icon depicting savings and good monetary value

One Flat
Monthly Rate

We offer one simple plan with no gimmicks. Enjoy all the unlimited internet service you need without overages, toggling, unexpected charges or surprises. With one flat rate, you know exactly what your bill will be every month.

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We give you a dedicated line that provides consistent, reliable internet. With GCI, you share a connection with your neighbors. When more people are on, you slow down.

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No Data Caps
or Overages

Unlimited Internet is made to stream without worrying about how much you, your family, or roommates use. Whether for entertainment, security, work or play, there's plenty of data to go around.

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The Highest

We provide you the fastest service available to your home. No throttling, waiting for more bandwidth, or sharing bandwidth with your neighbors. Welcome to high-speed internet service you can count on.