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Fiber Network Build

Fiber Construction Update

Alaska Communications is investing in our fiberoptic network, bringing advanced, high-speed, completely unlimited, Alaska Communications Fiber to select neighborhoods in Anchorage, Soldotna, and Fairbanks.

Check your address to see if Alaska Communications Fiber is available in your neighborhood!

Confidence comes with experience and reliability

How We Bring Fiber To You

We are actively under construction to deliver our fast and reliable fiber internet service to homes across Alaska. Here’s what to expect when you see us headed your way.

Confidence comes with experience and reliability

Inspection and Field Surveys

Before starting any construction, we’ll have survey crews on foot in the neighborhood. This is when we gather important information that shapes our construction plans going forward.

Confidence comes with experience and reliability

Marking Utilities

We’ll place markers and/or paint on the ground in our efforts to avoid other utility lines when digging is required. You’ll see these markers in yards and along roads and sidewalks.

Confidence comes with experience and reliability

Construction Groundwork

Once we’ve safely marked your utilities, construction teams start the careful process of preparing the area for hanging fiber lines or burying them underground. Please remind family members to be vigilant with small children and pets due to large equipment and technicians working in your neighborhood.

Confidence comes with experience and reliability

Fiber Installation

After prepping the area, we’ll start hanging cables on any available utility poles or micro-trenching along utility right-of-ways. In some cases we trim branches away from fiber lines for safety reasons or to prevent damage to the fiber cable.

The size of your neighborhood and local weather conditions are two of many factors that impact the amount of time this takes. We’ll work hard to minimize disruptions like temporary parking restrictions, and complete everything as quickly as possible.

Confidence comes with experience and reliability

Cleaning and Patch Up

Before finishing, our crews will patch up any places impacted by our construction. We’ll do our best to leave the area as clean as when we got there. Questions about the construction? Call us at 907-564-8017.

Confidence comes with experience and reliability

Home Installations

Throughout the entire construction process, residents in the neighborhood can choose to sign up with a special, limited-time offer. Once construction has been completed, we’ll schedule a date and time to complete the fiber installation directly to your home.