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Affordable Connectivity

Keeping Alaskans Connected

Join more Alaskans making the switch to Alaska Communications internet services to stay connected to what matters most.

Alaska Communications is participating in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to help bring financial relief to more Alaskans.

Save Up To $75 Per Month On Home Internet
The Affordable Connectivity Program is a temporary government program operated by the Federal Communications Commission that began on December 31, 2021. This program will provide a subsidy giving customers up to $75 per month toward home internet for eligible households. If you’re in need of internet or already have internet with Alaska Communications, check to see if you qualify today.

(1) Do You Qualify?

You are eligible to receive this benefit if any of these apply:

  • Your income is less than or equal to 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • Your child/dependent participates in government assistance programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, WIC or other programs
  • You, your child, or dependent already receives the Lifeline Benefit
  • Your child or dependent participates in the Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program
  • You or your child or dependent received a Federal Pell Grant in the current award year

(2) How to Apply

There are two ways to apply:

  1. Online ➤
  2. By mail - complete the application (English or Spanish) and send with proof of eligibility to:
    ACP/Lifeline Support Center
    P.O. Box 9100
    Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773-9100

Need assistance? Call us at 907-564-3375.

(3) Eligible Products

  • Eligible for all internet products
  • Undiscounted prices range from $49.99-$169.99 (as available)
  • ACP subsidy cannot be combined with other promotions.

(4) How The Subsidy Is Applied

Alaska Communications will receive the subsidy funds to provide the discount to you directly from the ACP program. Customers will receive a credit towards their monthly bill and will be responsible for the remaining balance, if any.

(5) When the Program Ends

Alaska Communications will notify you in writing before the program ends. Should you want to continue internet service from Alaska Communications, you will need to opt-in at the standard price. Failure to opt-in will result in termination of internet service.

Terms and conditions apply. Funds through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Prequalification through the Lifeline National Verifier is required for this program. Eligible products include all internet products and undiscounted prices $49.99 - $169.99 (as available). Offer not available in all areas and not applicable to bundles or promotional offers. Installation fee is required for new customers.

You are choosing Alaska Communications as your ACP provider. Qualifying customers enrolled in the ACP program receive a temporary federal subsidy to reduce their monthly broadband bill for the duration of the program and can transfer their benefit to another ACP provider at any time. ACP is limited to one benefit per household and cannot be transferred to another individual. If you have existing Lifeline benefits or meet other eligibility criteria, you can qualify for ACP.

Alaska Communications will notify customers in writing before the program ends. After the program ends, customers may choose to opt in to continue service at normal price or discontinue service without penalties. If you choose to continue service, you will be responsible for regular rates, terms, and conditions.

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