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Home Internet Plans

Unlimited Home Internet Starts Here

Alaska Communications Fiber Alaska's fastest internet
Speeds up to 2.5Gbps
Unlimited Data
Plume WiFi
HomePass - 12 Month Trial Starting at $99.99/mo
More Unlimited Internet Our most widely-offered internet services
Speeds up to 1Gbps
Unlimited Data
Professional Installation
Billed Service
Starting at $69.99/mo
InternetNow Available at select locations
Speeds up to 250Mbps
Unlimited Data
Plans and packages vary by location
Instant access (no installation req'd)
Starting at $69.99/mo
Plume SuperPods shown to scale near smartphone

Plume® SuperPods
and Homepass Membership

Sold separately.

Take control of your home’s WiFi experience with Plume SuperPods and HomePass membership. Plume SuperPods help boost and expand connectivity on all your devices throughout your home, giving you a fully connected, seamless experience in each room. With the easy-to-use HomePass app, you can simply self-install your router and manage your WiFi right from your Android or iOS device.

  • Manage your home WiFi with a HomePass membership for $5.99/month
  • Upgrade your WiFi connection with Plume SuperPods for $99.99/device

Available for purchase with select internet services. Service availability varies by location. Terms and conditions apply. Active HomePass membership required for Plume SuperPod use.