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Plume® WiFi

Take control of your WiFi*

Take control of your home's WiFi experience with Plume® SuperPods and a HomePass membership. Plume SuperPods help boost and expand connectivity on all your devices throughout your home, giving you a fully connected, seamless experience.

With the easy-to-use HomePass app, you can simply self-install your router and manage your WiFi right from your Android or iOS device.

*Available to purchase with select internet services. Service availability varies by location. Terms and conditions apply. HomePass membership required for Plume SuperPod use.

Plume Super Pods shown to scale near smartphone

Plume SuperPods

Upgrade your home’s connection with Plume SuperPods. Simply connect SuperPods in various rooms throughout your home to expand and strengthen your WiFi signal on all your devices. With easy installation using the HomePass app, Plume SuperPods and HomePass membership will provide you with the latest network insights, automatic cloud-deployed updates, digital security, and more.

The number of devices needed depends on the size of your home.

SuperPods Home Size (based on number of bedrooms)
One device Studio $99.99 per device
Two devices 1-2 bedrooms
Three devices 3-4 bedrooms
Four devices 5-6 bedrooms

HomePass Membership

Make managing your home internet easier with a HomePass membership for $5.99 per month.

HomePass is an easy-to-use app that you can download directly on your Android or iOS device, giving you complete visibility into your SuperPod powered network.

With HomePass you can see what devices are connected and which ones use the most bandwidth.

Active HomePass membership required for Plume SuperPod use.

Plume Homepass Membership - make managing your home internet easier than ever

HomePass Key Services

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Flawless WiFi connectivity

  • The only self-optimizing and learning-adaptive home WiFi system on the market
  • Gain a holistic view of connected devices for easy management
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Full Access Management

  • Internet speed checks to make sure you're getting what you pay for
  • Parental controls with age-appropriate content filters and website blocks
  • Guest management with passwords that expire and device-specific access
  • Built-in ad blocking
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Digital Security

  • Advanced IoT protection with anomaly detection and device quarantine in case of a breach
  • Real-time online protection from the seven most common types of malicious threats
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Home Monitoring

  • Home motion detection through devices already connected to your WiFi

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Learn more about the benefits, speeds and capabilities of Plume SuperPods and HomePass membership.