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Preparing For Installation

How We Work With You

Our field technician will call the designated Point Of Contact (POC) about 30 minutes in advance of your appointment to let them know they are on their way to your location.

To keep you and our Technician safe, we need assurance that:

  1. No person on premise has a known communicable illness, is contagious, or has illness symptoms
  2. POC must be on location to provide us with access to service areas
  3. Safe access to the room/location(s) of service and equipment placement
  4. If our technician determines they are unable to safely complete your appointment, we will inform you during your appointment time and will work with you to reschedule or, where possible, find a satisfactory alternative solution

Should you miss our call, please contact us at 800-808-8083.

Thank you for choosing Alaska Communications. We appreciate you as a valued customer.

Your Alaska Communications team.

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