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Unlimited Internet

Unlimited Possibilities

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When you don’t have limits, the possibilities are endless. With an Unlimited Internet plan for your home, there's always enough data to go around. You get professional installation and service you can rely on without throttling, extra data buckets, or gimmicks, and all for one low, flat monthly rate.

Experience the full potential of the internet, because your internet plans shouldn’t be limited and neither should you.

Unlimited Internet Plan and Features

Unlimited Internet price table image Price $89.99/mo.
Unlimited Data Yes
One Flat Monthly Bill Yes
Free Modem with Router Yes
Online Account Management Yes
One-Time $5 Online Discount Yes
Our Highest Available Speed Yes
24/7 Online Support Yes

Welcome to Alaska's True Unlimited Internet

Get more with unlimited – reliable, high-speed service, free Wi-Fi,
internet modem, professional installation, no data caps, and a whole lot more.

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Imagine internet without throttling, extra data buckets, or overage charges. That’s the peace of mind you get with Unlimited Internet. No need to check usage or pay more to increase your plan – it’s unlimited.

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We offer one simple plan with no gimmicks. Enjoy all the unlimited internet service you need without overages, toggling, unexpected charges or surprises. With one flat rate, you know exactly what your bill will be every month.

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We give you a dedicated line that provides consistent, reliable internet. Other companies make you share a connection with your neighbors. When more people are on, you slow down. We like sharing – but not your internet.

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Limitless – that’s your unlimited home. Made to stream without worrying how much you, your family, or roommates use. Whether for security, entertainment, work or play, there’s plenty of data to go around.

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We provide you our fastest service available to your home, up to 50 Mbps. No throttling, waiting for more internet, or sharing bandwidth with neighbors. Welcome to high-speed internet service you can count on.

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Our experts are here to help – from professional installation and device setup to knowledgeable technical support, our team is ready to serve. Or get 24-hour online support. We’ve got you covered.

Professional Installation

When you choose Alaska Communications, you get more than just an internet line– you have our time and service. We’ll bring you dedicated, reliable service that’s unlimited and you can trust to work when you and your family expect it. We commit our time to install, test, and verify the highest-quality connection to our network. Then, we get you to your highest available speed, quality connection, and answer any questions. Unlimited Internet means reliable internet and excellent service that’s done right – and worth waiting for.

What You Can Expect:

  • We take the doubt out of doing it yourself by installing your service for you
  • During your home appointment, we send a highly-trained technician to install the Wi-Fi router that we provide for your use
  • Your technician will test and verify to ensure your connection on Alaska Communications’ internet service delivery infrastructure
  • Following installation, you’ll receive a secure view into your connection's performance
  • You get to enjoy the highest quality of customer service, professionalism and expertise in the industry – just ask our customers.


With a connection that's built to perform.


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