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Alaska's Best Network

The Alaska Communications network extends across the state to the Lower 48, bringing reliability, security and cloud enablement to Alaska businesses and beyond. Our network was built to provide a foundation for reliability across our entire coverage area with geographically diverse undersea fiber optics connectivity. Satellite services or fixed wireless technology provides high bandwidth and low latency so even businesses in rural areas can enjoy the benefits of fast speeds.

Our network is certified by the Metro Ethernet Forum and meets Carrier Ethernet 2.0 standards. We work with leading experts in technology to keep up on industry trends and provide our customers with the highest levels of secure solutions. Real-time protection against network threats and avoiding new and unknown attacks on your business data is part of the robust firewall security we offer. We work with you to set up security policies aligned with your mode of business.

AKORN, our under-sea fiber-optic network between Alaska and Oregon was designed, planned, and constructed by Alaska Communications and provides significantly increased network capacity. Combined with the Alaska Communications’ Northstar fiber-optic network, AKORN provides geographic diversity from other networks and redundancy in case of unforeseen circumstances or natural disaster. Alaska Communications data network is a testament to our commitment to providing Alaska and beyond with the best end-to-end telecommunications solutions.

FIBER Fiber network path
MICROWAVE Microwave network path

This map is a geographical representation and coverage shown is approximate.

Depiction includes both owned and leased assets. Network availability varies by location.

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Alaska's Best Network

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