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AN Alaska Communications service van passes the State Capitol Building in Juneau, Alaska

With leading IT capabilities and a network built for reliability, our network extends across the state to the Lower 48, bringing the highest level of technology, reliability, security, and cloud enablement to help Alaska and its state agencies thrive.

Recognized as a National Association of State Procurement Offices (NASPO) service provider, Alaska Communications' team of industry experts can help you maintain global security and uphold policy compliance across mission critical goals. Receive exceptional customer service from our dedicated team.

Delivering Secure Connections For State and Local Government

Our network extends across the state to the Lower 48, bringing the highest level of technology,
reliability, security and cloud enablement to state and local government agencies.

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Dedicated Internet

A carrier-class, dedicated connection to Alaska Communications core network ensures constant connectivity and consistent speeds no matter the time of day or how many neighboring businesses are online. From 24/7 active monitoring and technical support to 99.99% service availability and low latency, rely on dedicated internet for critical, time sensitive communications.
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Managed IT and Security

Our highly certified team knows the ins and outs of operating cost-effective IT and managed security solutions while keeping pace with security technology. With our Managed IT Security integration and incident response service, we help you maintain global security and uphold policy compliance.
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Alaska Cloud

Gain peace of mind knowing that your data and applications are stored locally in Alaska with Alaska Cloud Services. With enhanced computing to build and deploy applications from anywhere, you can accelerate your digital transformation initiatives and overcome business challenges.
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Carrier grade Ethernet service enables government entities to interconnect sites privately and efficiently. With our suite of services, traffic prioritization, and class of service options, our experts will design custom solutions that fit your state and local government objectives.
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Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi makes mobility possible while providing scalability to network security. Create a customizable Wi-Fi network, with features and equipment built to support government, public safety, and national security organizations.
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Satellite Solutions

We deliver unparalleled reach with robust satellite technology to your remote location. From voice and video to data and applications, Satellite Services are designed for businesses in isolated regions that want enhanced productivity and need a reliable connection.
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