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Data or Voice Circuit - Trouble Reporting

How do I report trouble with my data or voice circuit?

You can report your service issue anytime online, or from our app, and with no wait. Your time is important. That's why we offer priority service to customers who submit a Trouble Ticket online or from the app. Just log into your AccountView account profile to create a Trouble Ticket.

If you prefer using your phone or tablet, you can download the AccountView App for Android or the AccountView App App for iPhone and iPad.

Also, if you're experiencing an outage, our teams will prioritize your request regardless of the way it's submitted.

Trouble viewing web pages or email

Why can't I access the internet or download email?

If you can connect to your internet service but cannot view web pages or check email, the problem is often related to improperly configured firewall software. Firewall programs often perform automatic updates, and these updates can change the way the firewall behaves. You may want to contact your firewall vendor or computer manufacturer to have the firewall settings checked.

For more information please contact us.

Network Status Check

What is the current network status? Is Alaska Communications network down?

To find out, follow these simple steps:

  1. Dial 800-808-8083.
  2. Enter your account or phone number.
  3. Select the option for technical support.

If there's a network message or customer-impacting, widespread event, you'll hear a message with event details.

Phone Book Recycling

Where can I recycle my old phone book?

We encourage you to recycle your old phone books by dropping them off at the Anchorage Recycling Center at 6161 Rosewood.

Service Notifications

Where do I view notifications about my service(s)?

Alaska Communications keeps you in the loop. We understand that not everyone posts our letters on the refrigerator, or bookmarks our emails.

You can catch up on current and past Alaska Communications service notifications, payment messages and transactions in your account message Notification Center - accessed from your personal AccountView portal. If there is an announcement that applies to your account, we'll post a copy in the Notification Center for you to access at your convenience.

Get there in three easy steps:

  1. AccountView login
  2. Select "View Details for Account #XXXXXX"
  3. Click on the "Notification Center" tab

Simply click on the subject link for full notification details.

Service Order Viewing


Alaska Communications will inform you about the status of your online-submitted service order every step of the way from the Service Orders tab of your AccountView.

Get there in three easy steps:

  1. AccountView Login
  2. Select "Details for Account #XXXXXX"
  3. Click on the "Service Orders" tab

The Service Orders tab will include an order number, the date it was modified, order status and estimated delivery date. Click on the order number for detailed records regarding each service order request.

Support Requests: How to Create

Before creating a support request, we encourage you to check out our FAQs and Troubleshooting Wizard, which may solve your issue. Sometimes it's as easy as restarting your router.

If your issue isn't resolved from our Support page resources, contact our customer service or technical support at 800-808-8083.

Voice Service - Lost Dial Tone

What can I do if my telephone has lost dial tone?

First, unplug any telephones, fax machines, or other devices from all of the telephone jacks. Wait five minutes, then plug one telephone back in and check for dial tone. This may reset the line and restore your service.

If you have access to the Network Interface Device (the gray box on the outside of your house usually located next to your electric meter), you can determine if the trouble is on the phone line or your inside wiring. The box will open with a flat-head screwdriver and allow you to plug a corded telephone into the test jack. If you have dial tone at the jack the trouble is with your inside wiring. If not, please contact technical support or file a trouble ticket through your AccountView portal.

We are available 24 hours a day to take no dial tone trouble reports.

Voice Service - Lost Dial Tone

What can I do if my telephone line has noise or static?

Visit our Troubleshooting Wizard to walk through this issue.

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