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AccountView Instructions

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Welcome to AccountView – Alaska Communications online billing and account management system. Get acquainted with AccountView by logging in and exploring all the features it has to offer. Need help? Watch this short video and follow the instructions below for easy navigation.

How to register for AccountView

  1. Go to the login page: AccountView Login
  2. Click “Register Now” under New User
  3. Add your information and click “Register”
  4. Once you receive the AccountView registration confirmation email, click on the link
  5. Enter your login credentials
  6. Click on “My Profile” at the top of the screen and select “Add Account”
  7. Enter your account information, your CPNI privacy code (if you have it), and click “Add Account”
  8. If you do not have your account number or CPNI privacy code, please call customer support 800-808-8083 to retrieve

How to Update your Contact Information

  1. Log into your AccountView profile
  2. Select Edit Contact Information (orange text, next to billing address)
  3. Under Customer Information, update/validate email address and contact number
  4. Under Account Security, enter your Account Password
  5. Under New Billing Address, enter your new billing address OR input current address if still the same. Click “Check Address” for verification.
  6. Once information is updated/verified, select Submit

How to make an online payment

  1. Log into your AccountView profile
  2. Click the orange “Make or Schedule a Payment” button
  3. Under the Choose Payment Method dropdown, select “New Credit Card” or “New Bank Account”
  4. Click “Review Payment”
  5. Review payment and select “Proceed to Pay”
  6. Enter your billing information and make sure to check the “Save Card” or “Save Bank Account” box if you’d like to save this card/account for later use
  7. Enter payment information and click “Process”

How to setup AutoPay

  1. Log into your AccountView profile
  2. Next to your account number, select “Enable AutoPay”
  3. Select a payment method (or add new), then click “OK”

How to view your bill details

  1. Log into your AccountView profile
  2. Under your account, click “View” then “Bill Prints”
  3. Enter your CPNI privacy code, or click “I Forgot My Code” (to have it resent to you)
  4. Click “View” to view your bill

Changing your CPNI Status

You may change your status by either calling 800-808-8083 or online by logging into your AccountView profile. Follow the steps below to update your CPNI status online.

  1. Log into your AccountView profile
  2. Click on “Privacy Code”
  3. Enter your Privacy Code* and click “Verify My Privacy Code”
  4. Scroll Down to the bottom of the page
  5. Change the preferred messages you receive
  6. Click “Update CPNI” and log out

How to Request Internet Service Upgrade

  1. Log into your AccountView profile
  2. Under My Service tab, select Modify Service then select Modify My Service
  3. On the form, fill out required fields
  4. Scroll down to Home Internet, under “Do you currently have Home Internet service and want to request a different speed?” select Yes
  5. Select your “Requested Speed”*
  6. Under “Complimentary Desktop Installation” select No
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the form, select Submit

*Speed and availability vary by location.

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