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Disaster Recovery and Backup

Be Resilient, Not Reactive

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Every organization needs a plan for when disaster strikes. A plan not just for recovering from natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires and the familiar snowstorms, but also the inevitable human error. Set your business up for success with Barracuda offsite data backup and disaster recovery solutions. 

As both a Barracuda Silver partner and regional member of its partner advisory board, Alaska Communications is here to help. We bring our expertise to assist in creating, evaluating and deploying a comprehensive disaster recovery and backup strategy using the latest solutions and our diverse network.

We've Got Your Back (Up)

From conception to deployment, our experts work side-by-side with you to help prepare and prevent data loss and restoration.

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Journey to the Cloud

Let our experts help create, evaluate and implement your disaster recovery objectives with cloud solutions. Store and retrieve data reliably and quickly with data replication.

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Business Continuity

Our experts can help you create, evaluate and deploy a comprehensive business continuity plan so you're ready in the case of a disaster.

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Customer and Vendor Support

We've built an alliance with industry leading providers and maintain the latest certifications to provide Alaska businesses with reliable, local support.

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