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Satellite Services

Evolution for Remote Businesses

Satellite Services provides reliable connectivity - workers evaluating a remote site in rural Alaska

With the latest IP-based satellite internet services and solutions, your business can stay connected in the most challenging and isolated areas. Our innovative satellite technology provides high data throughput internet and private network connections anywhere in Alaska and beyond.

You’ll get a reliable connection without the worry of unexpected data overages, whether you need satellite internet, data networking, or backup solutions.

Unmatched Reach and Reliability

Satellite Services provides reliable connectivity wherever and whenever it’s needed.

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Remote Site Access

Using the latest IP-based satellite technology, we deliver data and internet service access to remote locations throughout Alaska.

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Business Continuity

Reduce uncertainty with a proactive plan to keep your business operational and available in the event of a disaster.

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Maximize Productivity

Make way for tomorrow's technology with a reliable connection to the most remote sites, keeping your business operating at its peak.

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Reliable Connection

With an IP-based platform engineered to deliver high-quality, high speed internet connectivity, your business will have what it needs to reliably connect, collaborate, and operate efficiently.

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Custom Design

We work with your business to personalize your satellite connection, provide equipment specifications, and recommend an antenna location for optimum service performance.

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Contention Ratio

Have a reliable connection with a controlled number of users sharing the same bandwidth, with contention ratio options ranging from 1:1 to 10:1.

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