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Energy Solutions

Keeping You Connected

An Alaska Communications field technician attends to equipment supporting oil field operations in Alaska's North Slope.

From oil and gas operators and resource development professionals to exploration and natural resource service companies; your business needs reliable IT, internet, radio, and phone communications. At Alaska Communications, our enterprise-grade team works closely with you to custom design a solution that optimizes operations and helps ensure the safety of your field staff.

Receive exceptional customer service from energy industry experts that are dedicated to delivering reliable business energy solutions.

Serving the Most Remote Places For Your Critical Communications Needs

We facilitate the infrastructure needed to run a successful mine, camp, or exploration enterprise company by delivering secure and reliable voice, data, and internet services for mission critical communications.

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Managed I.T. Services

Our extensive team of IT experts with over 100 years of knowledge and expertise work with you to custom design, build, and manage your IT services. We’re your one-stop IT shop, providing vendor management to make us your single point of contact for all your IT needs. We offer a scalable set of energy business services from full-service desk support and IT monitoring, to proactive environment maintenance and guidance to keep pace with ever-changing industry standards.
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Satellite Solutions

We deliver unparalleled reach with robust satellite technology to your remote location. From voice and video to data and applications, Satellite Services are designed for energy businesses in isolated regions that want enhanced productivity with a reliable connection. At Alaska Communications, we'll help design a Satellite solution for you with a range of symmetrical and asymmetrical upload and download speeds available.
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Enterprise-Level Security

With our Managed IT Security integration and incident response services, we help you maintain global security and uphold policy compliance. With cloud storage services, you'll receive the highest level of data protection and data center security required by the world's largest organizations. Count on our energy industry experts, whether you need support securing your internet or assistance monitoring devices and blocking suspicious activity, we can help you create and customize your cyber security strategy.
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Video and Teleconference

Transforming collaboration through technology, we bring people together face-to-face from virtually anywhere. As partners of industry leaders, we share a common goal to connect the world through hardware, software, service implementation, and training. Get the flexibility you need to host audio, video, and web conferences with anyone inside or outside of your business.

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Network Monitoring

Choose from our suite of network services available, whether you're looking to gain access to our reliable team of experts or want to take control of your network monitoring with our Network Web Portal. Get around-the-clock monitoring, take proactive measures to reduce downtime, and quickly address technical matters affecting your network.
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Reliable Connectivity

Good business is all about dependability, and our Unlimited Internet services are no different. You'll enjoy a dedicated line with individual connections, so speeds stay consistently fast. Make a move toward tomorrow’s technology with upload bandwidth to support cloud computing technologies, whether you need speeds up to or greater than 50Mbps.
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