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Getting The Speed You're Paying For?

When it comes to choosing an internet service provider, the truth is, many businesses are paying for speed they don’t need or even get. A simple switch could mean big savings and peace of mind knowing you’re getting the speed you’re paying for.

Is it time to switch?

We’ve made it easy to compare your options. Find the best fit for your business and start saving today!
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COMPARE Alaska Communications
Business Internet
(Ideal for point of sale, email, web browsing)
Alaska Communications
Business Internet Plus
(Ideal for video conferencing and cloud applications)
Business Internet

Download Speed Up to 200Mbps* Up to 200Mbps* Up to 2Gbps*
Upload Speed Up to 40Mbps* Up to 80Mbps* Up to 75Mbps*
Data Unlimited data for all plans Unlimited data for all plans Tiered plans with limits
Overage Charges No overages
One price every month
No overages
One price every month
Additional usage bucket charges
Hardware Includes free modem w/router and WiFi Includes free modem w/router and WiFi Includes free modem w/router and WiFi
Connection Dedicated line** Dedicated line** Shared line

*Highest-available speeds

**Line is dedicated to the nearest distribution device – for DSL only.

Are you paying for speed
you don't need or even get?

Having the “fastest” internet speed isn’t always better, and, in many cases, those speeds could be unnecessary depending on how you use your internet. Are you paying too much for speed you don’t need? Is your current provider even delivering the speed you’re paying for?

Don’t settle with the other guys because of their supposedly “fast” internet when you could be getting a better deal and more reliable service elsewhere. Alaska Communications offers a variety of Business Internet plans to fit your business needs. And unlike GCI, we don’t charge extra for data. Our plans are unlimited, so you never have to worry about hitting your data limit and paying more.

Why Choose Alaska Communications

With Alaska Communications you get reliable Business Internet that's affordable, flexible, delivers all the speed you need, and comes with expert support.
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Get internet at the best value in Alaska. Unlimited data, affordable prices, reliable speeds, free WiFi, and professional installation that includes free modem with router — all for just one monthly price.

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From low-cost options to high download and upload speeds, choose an internet plan and term that best fits your need. Select a 2-year contract and save on your installation, or go month-to-month with added flexibility — we want our plans to work for you.

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You Need

Don't get stuck paying more for speeds you don't need! File sharing, downloading, and POS transactions are all basic needs for running a small business, and they don't require much speed, especially with only a few devices connected.

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As an Alaska-based business, our team thrives on helping business owners get and stay connected. From assessing your broadband needs to providing professional installation, we deliver the speed you need to keep you and your customers connected.