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Alaska Communications

Business Internet

Whether you’re a small business startup operating out of your home, or an established mid-size business operating in various locations across the state, our Business Internet services will keep you, your employees, and your customers connected. Experience the simplicity and seamlessness of our unlimited Business Internet services. From our standard Business Internet that Alaskans have trusted for reliability, to our new Business Internet Plus with enhanced upload speeds, we give you Business Internet that gives you more.*

What will your business
do with unlimited data?
When more means more, your business is
free to explore new horizons and new possibilities.
Enjoy the gift of productivity. Unlimited data allows you to stay online and stay productive. You can focus your attention on your business without the concerns that come with unpredictable expenses and limited Internet usage.
Good business is all about dependability, and our Business Internet is no different. You’ll enjoy the consistency of getting the speed you paid for. A dedicated line means your Internet speeds will not be impacted by your neighbors.
Get the tools and equipment you need to keep your business connected whether you're in or out of the office. From an Internet modem with built in Wi-Fi and four Ethernet ports—to static IP space, you'll have high-performance tools that deliver an even better experience for you and your customers.
Make way for tomorrow's technology and redefine your browsing experience with higher upload speeds. Many modern applications place a greater demand on upload bandwidth, especially those that require real-time, two-way communication and cloud connectivity.
Every good business needs great backup, and our experts are here to help. From free on-site setup to technical support, our highly trained team is ready and able to address your questions and concerns.
We’re committed to keeping you connected. That’s why, in the case of an outage, we make it our priority to fix your Internet connection within 24 hours of your initial call to tech support. See details.
Business Internet
From POS transactions and email communication to web browsing and purchasing, our Business Internet is designed with your business in mind. It’s specifically designed for businesses that want enhanced productivity and need a reliable connection for basic every-day use.
Download Speeds Upload Speeds Price/Month To Order
1-7Mbps up to 1Mbps $65
10-25Mbps up to 2Mbps $90
30-50Mbps up to 10Mbps $130
100Mbps 20Mbps $220
200Mbps 40Mbps $380
* Network speeds and availability can vary by location.
Subject to Alaska Communications' Acceptable Use Policy and applicable terms and conditions.
Business Internet Plus
Business Internet Plus is designed for businesses that require mobility and heavy data transfers. Experience a seamless Internet connection that's built to support modern day cloud applications such as Microsoft® Skype for Business and Office 365. With remarkable upload speeds 40% of your download speeds, Business Internet Plus delivers the premium performance that can provide the business continuity, boost productivity, and increase computing efficiency.
Download Speeds Upload Speeds Price/Month To Order
1-7Mbps up to 3Mbps $180
10-25Mbps up to 10Mbps $180
30-50Mbps up to 20Mbps $260
100Mbps 40Mbps $440
200Mbps 80Mbps $800
* Network speeds and availability can vary by location.
Subject to Alaska Communications' Acceptable Use Policy and applicable terms and conditions.

Getting secure and reliable connectivity for point of sale system transactions and guest Wi-Fi.

Installed Business Internet for unlimited and highly reliable connectivity.

SteamDot Coffee, Alaska's original slow bar, is making sure it's only their coffee taking its time. With Business Internet, SteamDot's point of sale system is now efficiently processing transactions so customers can relax, power up and and stay connected while sipping their signature, single-cup artisan brews.

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