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Do you live in an InternetNow℠ location? InternetNow is available in select buildings across Alaska. If so, get connected with high-speed, instant access, unlimited internet. Sign up and start streaming, gaming, and video chatting friends and family. Enjoy no data limits, no throttling, no term contract and all the speed you need!

Welcome to InternetNow

Sign up instantly and get access to high-speed, unlimited data without waiting for an installation date.

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Imagine internet without throttling, extra data buckets, overage charges, or wait-times for installation. That’s exactly what you get with InternetNow. 

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We offer simple plans with no gimmicks. Whether you're a streamer or a gamer, we've got just what you need. And with a flat rate, you know exactly what your bill will be.

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You can sit back and relax knowing that your internet will perform consistently at the highest available speeds. No more slowing down due to sharing bandwidth.

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No Installation

Your home is already connected! InternetNow does not require an installation so you can stream, surf the web, or game online in a matter of minutes. 

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Welcome to high-speed internet service you can count on. Our download and upload speeds are built to fit your smart home needs and keeping you connected. Enjoy video chatting, streaming, and gaming without throttling or buffering.

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Our experts are here to help – from sign up questions to device connections, our knowledgeable technical support team is ready to serve. Or get 24-hour online support. We’ve got you covered.
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