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InternetNow Support

Gamer enjoying his InternetNow unlimited internet access.

Signing Up With
A Wired Connection

If you don't see an InternetNow wireless network available on your device, your building is a wired connection. For wired InternetNow, follow these simple steps to signup:
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Find the wall jack with our logo in your home, room, dorm, or barrack.
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Plug a router or your computer via Ethernet cable directly into the wall jack.
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From your connected device, open a web browser and our sign-up splash page will display.

If it doesn't load immediately, navigate to a non-https site, such as
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Once our sign-up splash page displays, select “New InternetNow Service”.
step 5 icon
Fill in the primary account owner's first and last name.
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Select your location and click "Check service availability".
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Select InternetNow as your product.
step 8 icon
Choose your InternetNow package by clicking the relevant radio buttons.
step 9 icon
Press "Set Up Account".
step 10 icon
Set up your privacy and security settings.
step 11 icon
Agree to the terms of service and click “Complete Account Set Up”.
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Review your order summary, select a payment method, and click “Pay & Place Order”.
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Set up your account, fill in billing and contact information, and click “Continue”.

That's it!

You are now connected to InternetNow and can start surfing the web, streaming live TV, or gaming online. AccountView is where you will manage your account and add or delete devices. Thank you for choosing Alaska Communications!


AccountView is your secure, personal portal where you will manage your account and add or delete devices. Simply register with your account number to get started.

InternetNow Wired FAQs

Q. What equipment do I need?  Do I need a modem?

A. InternetNow service is delivered via Ethernet and doesn’t require the same modem typically used by cable-based Internet providers.

  • For direct internet access, you’ll need an Ethernet cable and Ethernet device
    (we recommend using a router, but a computer works, too)
  • For Wireless Internet (WiFi), simply connect a router to our Ethernet wall jack (it’s the wall jack with our logo on it)
  • Or, plug your Ethernet device into the InternetNow wall jack in your unit with an Ethernet cable

Q. If I decide to use a router, what kind of router should I use?

A. If you choose to use a router, we suggest one with the following features:

  • Dual-band
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • AC
  • Not a modem/router combination
  • Older routers may need replacing

Q. How do I connect to InternetNow?

A. Getting connected is easy:

  1. Find the wall jack with our logo in your home, room, dorm, or barracks
  2. Plug your router or computer via Ethernet cable into the wall jack
  3. From your device, open a web browser and our sign-up page will display
  4. If it doesn't load immediately, navigate to a non-https website such as
  5. Once our sign-up page displays, select “New InternetNow Service”
  6. Confirm your service address and select "Check My Address"
  7. Choose InternetNow, select your desired package, and then click "Add To Cart"
  8. Review your order and then enter the required information
  9. Add a payment method and check the box for Terms and Conditions
  10. Submit your order and stay tuned for confirmation emails
  11. Confirm your email and then register for AccountView

Q. How do I manage my account and update info?

A. Log into your account at Enter the username and password created when you registered and select "Log In."

  • This is where you can update account information, view billing statements, manage your devices, and more.

Q. How do I add or register a device to my account?

A. If you signed up for service wirelessly (via your router), just sign in with your credentials - your router is the device registered to your account.

  1. Be sure your router is in router mode, and connect as many devices as you’d like (to your router) by connecting to the wireless network you created (with your router)
  2. If your router is in bridge mode (Apple routers default to this setting), you will need to separately register each device to your account and are bound by our device limit
  3. The easiest way to add a device to your account is to bring up our splash page on the device you're trying to connect (open a web browser, then sign in to your account using your account credentials)
  4. If you're device does not have a web browser to populate our splash page, you'll need to add the MAC address of that device into your account at      

Q. What if I used my computer as my Ethernet device - can I change to a router or different device later? 

A. Absolutely - but if you switch, you'll need to update/add the MAC address of the new device. 

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