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New Changes Coming

BIG changes are coming to the way we serve you.

Enjoy the same reliable internet, voice, and IT services, but get ready for a whole new AccountView. We’re excited at what’s coming and the improvements that will better serve you and your account needs.

The big reveal is happening in October, but we’re getting ready now. All updates will be shared here, so stay tuned. We've got exciting things coming your way.

Important Updates

Online Trouble Ticket Feature Temporarily Removed
As of September 2, 2020, we temporarily removed the ability to submit Online Trouble Tickets. You can still call 800-808-8083 to submit your Ticket over the phone. Don't worry — the online feature will return following our October upgrade (and with a brand-new name called Support Requests).

Payment Processing Date May Temporarily Change for AutoPay and Prepaid Service
If your recurring payment typically occurs early in the month, you may notice a change in when we process your payment.

One-Time Scheduled Payment Feature Temporarily Removed
As of August 24, the feature for future dating a one-time payment is no longer available. Don't worry, this feature will return in October with our upgrade. In the meantime, you can pay by calling 800-808-8083.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing and why?
The customer portal, accounting, billing, and customer-serving systems are getting an overhaul. What that means for you is a whole new AccountView complete with new look and feel. With the new systems, we’re looking forward to improving the AccountView experience, billing, and payment systems for a better experience and simpler transactions.

When will these changes take place?
These changes will launch in October 2020. Stay tuned for additional messages coming to your mailbox, inbox, or come back to this page for additional updates.

Who will benefit from these changes?
Anyone who receives service from Alaska Communications – business and home customers.

What do I need to do?
There is nothing specific for you to do at the moment. You may however, want to check your AccountView login and password, to ensure you can log in, and that your information is up to date – that way you can take a tour when the new AccountView goes live!

What will my new bill look like?
A new billing system means new bills. We’ll provide you with a sneak peek of what the new bill will look like (coming soon), including instructions on how to read your bill. For paperless billing, you’ll receive an electronic copy of your statement in your AccountView.

Will my billing date change?
Your billing date will remain the same. If that changes, we will notify you directly.

Will my AutoPay date change?
It's possible. In the new system, you’ll have the option to select from two AutoPay payment dates. When we launch, we'll select the date closest to your current payment date. Then, you can log into your AccountView or call in to select the other option, if you prefer.

Will I still get a paper bill?
If you previously received a paper bill, you will continue to do so. If you receive paper bills today, but would like to receive them electronically, you can sign up for paperless billing and enable AutoPay in AccountView.


Visit for self-serve account support, email, or call 800-808-8083.

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