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Alaska Communications

NAF and AKUSF Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning August 1 state regulatory surcharges are increasing. We want to help you understand these changes. That is why we have created a set of Frequently Asked Questions and posted them here. We are also working hard to create more value for you and to help offset the increased fees. Thank you for being an Alaska Communications customer.

What is the Alaska Network Access Fee (NAF)?
The NAF is a state surcharge used to partially compensate the local telephone company for the cost of installation and maintenance of the telephone wire and other facilities that link your home or business to the in-state telephone network.

What is the Alaska Universal Service Fund (AKUSF)?
The AKUSF is a state program designed to help keep telephone service rates affordable for all Alaskans.

Why do I have to pay these fees?
These changes align Alaska rules with Federal rules. As a result, in-state long-distance rates are expected to decrease.

Who sets the rates?
Carriers in Alaska worked with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) to set these rates. All customers in Alaska, regardless of carrier, will be paying increased surcharges.

Why is the NAF in Anchorage lower than the rest of the state?
The NAF is a cost-based formula set by the RCA. In the case of Anchorage, the cap is $3.69.

How much is my NAF increasing?
The NAF increased by $.50 per month.

Are you doing anything to help offset the increased fees?
Yes! We are lowering our in-state long-distance rates to create more value for you. Our new, lower in-state residential rates will be effective in August. Business rates will follow soon thereafter. We will automatically apply the new, lower rates to your long-distance plan. If you are not an existing customer, please switch to one of our long-distance calling plans so you can benefit from our new lower rates. We will announce the new rates in the coming weeks.

After all of the changes are made, will my overall phone bill go up or down?
It depends on what local services you have and what type of calls you make. If you make about 60 minutes worth of in-state long-distance calls per month, you will likely see no change in your bill. if you make more than 60 minutes of in-state long-distance calls per month, you should see an overall decrease.

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