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Voice Over Internet Bundle

A Big Business Solution on a Small Business Budget. Save Up to 48% Off.

The Alaska Communications Voice Over Internet Bundle provides a complete business Internet, phone communication and IT service package for business owners like you. It includes top-of-the-line Cisco phones, business mobile applications for office-phone integration, Internet service with no data limits or overage fees, a wireless router/modem with built-in WiFi, and a customer portal for do-it-yourself changes and easy manageability.

With the Alaska Voice App you can have all the features of your Voice Over Internet office phone system on your mobile smartphone, tablet and PC, or all three. With mobile device integration, we make it simple for you to work on the go.

With the Voice over Internet Bundle you get a powerful, business-class phone system without the complexity, cost or hassle of an on-site system.

The Voice over Internet Bundle comes with complimentary high-speed Internet access at speeds up to 25Mbps. With no overage charges for data transfer and no usage caps, you get all the Internet you need and want without any surprises on your bill.

Through our easy-to-use web portal, you have complete control over how your business phone system is configured and used. Enable or disable phone settings such as call forwarding, sequential and simultaneous ringing, and much more. Our Voice over Internet service allows for a central administrator to change settings on phone lines for the entire business and individual users.

Powerful Enterprise Phone Features that Transform Business.
Alaska Voice™ Application Have all the features of your office phone system on your mobile phone, tablet or PC with the Alaska Voice™ app
Call Forward Automatically route your incoming calls to another phone number
Call Jump Switch a conversation to a mobile phone mid-call
Call Park Place a call on hold, so it can be retrieved by another office phone
Call Pickup Answer calls that come in on a directory number other than your own
Call Screening Screen unwanted calls or send directly to voicemail
Call Transfer Relocate an existing call to another telephone or attendant console
Do Not Disturb Disable audible ringing for incoming calls
Find Me Follow Me Receive calls at any number of designated phones, whether ringing all at once, or in sequence
Integrated Contacts List Keep your directory synchronized in all locations where you access it
Music On Hold Play the music of your choice or recorded messages that advertise your business when callers are on hold
Premium Auto Attendant Direct incoming callers to the appropriate department or employee
Simultaneous Ring Have multiple phones ring simultaneously when calls are received on your phone number
Speed Dialing Program and place a call by pressing a reduced number of keys
Visual Voicemail Use one mailbox for all your messages on mobile and fixed services
Web Portal Administrator Easy to use web interface for administrators to move, add or change phone services at a click of a mouse
Fast and Reliable High-Speed Internet with No Data Caps and No Overage Charges.
Scalable Speeds up to 25Mbps Provides broadband speeds to meet your business needs and budget.
Your Own Connection Get what you pay for without sharing your connection with your neighbors.
Modem/Wireless Router Have your own private WiFi hotspot. Modem features 4 ports for connecting computers or printers, Internet content control for inappropriate content blocking, and built-in spam filter.
Free On-site Setup Professional equipment installation at your office.
Speed Test at Install On-site speed test to assure connection performance.
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Accessibility Gives your workforce the ability to remotely connect to the office.
Static and Routed IP Addresses For your specific security and network accessibility requirements.
Technical Support Courteous support to address your questions.
Available exclusively in Anchorage, the Voice over Internet Bundle with Onsite IT provides pre-scheduled professional technical support at your primary business location at a discount. You get all of the same bundle features, great phones, long distance and Internet access, along with technical assistance to address your Information Technology needs. Additional hours and after-hours or on-call support also available.
Documentation of Your Business IT Infrastructure
Address immediate technology-related needs
Conduct Server and Email Server Log Review and Basic Health Check
Security Log Review/Firewall Check
Back-Up System Review and Back-Up Verification Check
Anti-Virus Software Checks
Quick Checks on Operating System Updates and Patch Issues
Additional pre-scheduled Tier II IT service support $125/hr.
After-hours or on-call support available at $187.50/hr.

The Alaska Communications Voice over Internet Bundle is designed for businesses with 2 to 8 phone stations. If you're not sure if Voice over Internet is right for you, attend a demo and we'll assist you by explaining the system and answering your questions.

Save Up To 48% with No Up-Front Costs
Phone Lines 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Business Internet Speeds1 4Mbps included.
Upgrades available.*
7Mbps included.
Upgrades available.*
Voicemail with Web Access Included with 60 message capacity.
Long Distance Minutes 1500 minutes/month included. 3000 minutes/month included.
Free Installation and Wiring2 Includes initial inside wiring. See details.2
Scheduled Monthly Onsite IT Support 1 Hour 2 Hours 3 Hours
Standard Service Price $409 $444 $479 $764 $799 $834 $1024
Monthly Discount Percentage 41% 38% 35% 48% 46% 44% 46%
Price You Pay Per Month3 $240 $275 $310 $395 $430 $465 $550
*Dependent upon available service.

1Internet Speed based on available speeds. Not available in all areas. Taxes and surcharges may change without notice.
2Program terms and conditions apply. This offer is restricted to initial inside wiring and certain customer premise equipment. Some tariff charges may apply and cannot be waived.
3Prices vary by market. Onsite IT is available within the Anchorage area only. Additional long-distance minute rates applied when monthly limit is exceeded.
†Phone Lines 7 and 8 require a dedicated voice and data circuit of 7 Mbps minimum or a converged voice and data circuit of 10 Mbps minimum.

As part of the standard Voice over Internet Bundle, you'll receive Cisco SPA504G Business Class IP phones and a SmartRG SR500N business gateway modem.

Voice Over Internet Phone Set
View Product Details »

ADSL / GigE + 4-Port WiFi
View Product Details »
Alaska Communications also offers optional equipment upgrades with enhanced features and capacity to meet your business needs.
Business Class IP Phones
Polycom Soundpoint 335
2-Line reliable deskphone that offers HD voice quality and enterprise grade features.
Upgrade for only $8.00 more per month.
Polycom Soundpoint 650
6-Line deskphone with crystal-clear voice quality and advanced features that support business workflow.
Upgrade for only $12.00 more per month.
Polycom VVX500
12-Line desktop designed for busy managers
and knowledge workers that keep up with a
fast-paced environment.
Upgrade for only $9.00 more per month.
Cisco SPA509
Full-featured 12-line phone
ideal for small businesses.
Upgrade for only $5.00 more per month.
Cisco SPA508
Full-featured 8-line phone
ideal for small busineses.
Upgrade for only $4.00 more per month.
Cisco SPA525
5-Line Business IP Wireless
Phone with color display.
Upgrade for only $10.00 more per month.
Business Class Conference Phones
Polycom 5000
Optimized for small conference
rooms and executive offices.
Upgrade for only $35.00 more per month.
Polycom 6000
Designed for midsize conference rooms
and offers remarkable HD voice clarity.
Upgrade for only $50.00 more per month.
Polycom 7000
Delivers performance and robust capabilities
for organizations operating on VoIP platforms.
Ideal for boardrooms and auditoriums.
Upgrade for only $65.00 more per month.
Business Class IP Expansion Modules
Polycom Soundpoint for 650
Boosts telephone attendant productivity.
Upgrade for only $21.00 more per month.
Cisco SPA500DS
Adds up to 30 additional lines and ideal for power users, managers or receptionists.
Upgrade for only $10.00 more per month.

Voice over Internet Bundle Features and Functionality

Voice over Internet Bundle

brochureVoice Over Internet Bundle Brochure
1231 KB PDF Brochure
The Alaska Communications Voice over Internet Bundle provides a complete business Internet, phone and IT service package for business owners like you.

Discover How VoIP Can Help Your Business
829 KB PDF Brochure
With Voice over Internet, you’ll enjoy the benefits of an advanced phone system without the complexities of managing the service on your premise.

Top 10 Reasons for Voice Over Internet
318 KB PDF Info Graphic
Explore the top 10 reasons your business should take a closer look at the transformational power available through Voice over Internet.

Voice Over Internet Equipment

SPA504GCISCO SPA504G Phone Spec Sheet
529 KB PDF Brochure
For business or home office use, the Cisco SPA504G is a 4-line, business-class IP phone offering loads of features to address your needs.

SmartRG SR500N Modem Spec SheetSmartRG SR500N Modem Spec Sheet
529 KB PDF Brochure
The SR500N business gateway modem provides a reliable broadband Internet connection needed for support of Voice over Internet access.

Voice Over Internet IP Phone System Features

music on holdMusic on Hold
408 KB PDF Brochure
With Music On Hold you can play the music of your choice or recorded messages that can advertise your company when callers are on hold.

premium attendantPremium Attendant
388 KB PDF Brochure
Ensure incoming calls are handled effectively 24/7. Enhance caller experience and convey a professional image with efficient call routing to the appropriate employees or departments to ensure incoming calls never go unanswered.

comm portalCommportal Feature Reference Guide
699 KB PDF Brochure
Commportal allows subscribers to access and manage their phone system and phones, enabling customization of call features, access to contacts, missed calls and visual voicemail.

Business Mobile Applications

alaska voice appAlaska Voice™ App for Mobile
452 KB PDF Brochure
Alaska Communications offers the easy-to-use Alaska Voice™ App for iPhone and Android that integrate with your office phone system to help you communicate more efficiently with customers.

alaska voice pcAlaska Voice™ PC
473 KB PDF Brochure
The Alaska Voice™ application is a sophisticated way of making and receiving telephone calls over the Internet using a PC, just as you would from your Voice Over Internet office desk phone.

How-to Videos and Guides

How-to Videos and Administrative Guides
Featuring important user guides and over a dozen videos to help you learn how to get the most out of your Voice over Internet phone system. Individual video run times are approximately 1½ - 2 minutes.

Following are some frequently asked questions regarding Alaska Communications Voice over Internet Bundle.
If you don't see your question and answer here, contact a representative to get your specific questions answered.
A representative will contact you within one business day or less.

What is VoIP?
VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It is a way to transmit phone calls over the internet in a similar way that data (ie: emails, websites, online videos, etc.) is transmitted over a traditional broadband connection.

How does VoIP work?
For decades now, telephone calls were carried over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) which means that your voice signal travels across phone lines to the other end of the call. Voice Over Internet is transmitted over the public internet and/or private IP network and when outbound calls are made, your voice is digitized and broken up into “voice packets” that move across the internet that convert into a telephone signal before they reach the party you are calling.

What does the Voice Over Internet bundle include?
The bundle includes:

Cisco business-class phones
Cisco business features
Voicemail with Web Access
Business Internet with No Overage Fees
Business Mobility: Alaska Voice™ App
750 In-State Long Distance Minutes ($.07 Per Minute Overage Rate)
750 Out-of-State Long Distance Minutes ($.07 Per Minute Overage Rate)
Free Inside Wiring
Free Installation and Set-up
Music on Hold
Premium Attendant
Optional Upgrade Availability
*International calls are based on standard country per-minute rate

What equipment do I need for Voice Over Internet?
There is no equipment for you to buy, install or maintain on your premise. Since Alaska Communications is responsible for managing, updating and paying for the equipment to ensure your system does not go obsolete, there are low upfront costs to you. All you need is a broadband internet connection with a minimum of 4Mbps.

What is Alaska Communications Voice Over Internet service offering?
Voice Over Internet is a Hosted (managed outside your company) service that uses Internet Protocol (IP) to provide Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or phone system over the Internet. Alaska Communications will host, manage and update the physical equipment “in the cloud”- so you as a business, do not have to worry about the expense, maintenance or other downsides to purchasing a physical phone system.

How much does Voice Over Internet cost?
Alaska Communications makes it easy for you to get a big business phone system on a small business budget. With prices starting as low as $240 per month for 2 seats, you can enjoy rich phone features, business mobility features that integrate with your office phone system and simple manageability at one affordable monthly price. You’ll receive top–of-the-line Cisco business phones, high-speed Internet, web-accessible voicemail and features like Music on Hold and Premium Auto Attendant.

For complete details on features and upgrades
Download the VoIP Bundle Brochure.

How is VoIP different than a traditional phone system?
A VoIP phone system is the latest phone system technology that offers advanced communication features that deliver a big business customer experience including Business Mobility, Find Me Follow Me, Premium Attendant, Music on Hold and much more that seamlessly integrates with your office phone system. Further, VoIP has become a very attractive solution due to simple user manageability, low capital expenditures and affordable monthly bills.

What features are included in a VoIP service?
Voice Over Internet delivers you the power of Hosted IP PBX solution over a broadband internet connection. The most popular features of our service include:

Business Mobile App (Alaska Voice™) for your smartphone, tablet and PC that seamlessly integrate with your office phone system for a workforce on the go. Click here to download the brochure for Alaska Voice™ App for Mobile.
Music on Hold – Play the music of your choice or record messages that advertise your company when callers are on hold. Click here to download the brochure for Music on Hold.
Premium Attendant – Direct incoming callers to the appropriate department or employee. Ensure your customers’ calls will be handled effectively 24 hour a day, 7 days week. Click here to download the brochure for Premium Attendant.
Find Me Follow Me – Create a telephone call schedule so that callers can find you wherever you are
Administrator Web Portal – Easily manage and change individual phone services at a click of a mouse

How do I know if VoIP is right for my business?
Voice Over Internet is a solution for both Small, Medium and Enterprise businesses. It can provide a cost savings and a terrific economic value compared to traditional phone system. If you are looking for more advanced communication features that are simple to manage and that improve you business operations in a meaningful way, Voice Over Internet is a service worth learning more about.

What are the benefits of a VoIP service?
Voice Over Internet is a robust business phone system that offers you business mobility, rich phone features and simple manageability on one internet connection for all your voice and data communication needs. Benefits that customers find most appealing are:

Mobile applications for your smartphone, tablet and PC that seamlessly integrate with your office phone system for a workforce on the go.
Rich feature set such as Music on Hold, Premium Auto Attendant, Find Me Follow Me and much more all included in your Voice Over Internet bundle.
Easy management and administrative support for users to access features of the system from anywhere through a web based interface.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership due to no capital expenditures as all equipment is owned and managed by service provider. In addition, you have a predictable monthly operating expense with voice and data on one bill.

How do I learn more?
Alaska Communications has a dedicated sales support team that is more than happy to answer questions and help you find a solution that meets your business needs. Contact us by completing this online form to Contact a Business Representative or call 855-907-7007, Mon - Fri, 8 am - 5 pm.

Does 911 emergency services work with a VoIP phone system?
Yes, however you are required to provide any address change notification in the United States via your personal web portal.

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