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InternetNow Support

How do I sign up for InternetNow with a WiFi connection?

Signing up is easy:

  1. Open the WiFi setting on your wireless device (PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone).
  2. Select the “InternetNow5G option”.
  3. From your connected device, open a website browser and out sign-up splash page will display. If it doesn’t load immediately, navigate to a non-https site, such as
  4. Once our sign-up splash page displays, select “New InternetNow Service”.
  5. Enter in your first and last name and select your service address.
  6. Select InternetNow for your product followed by your desired InternetNow package.
  7. Enter in your billing, contact and CPNI information, and agree to our Terms of Service.
  8. Review your Order Summary and select a payment method. You will be required to input a credit card nickname and payment information.
  9. Click “Pay & Place Order”.
  10. IMPORTANT STEP: On the order confirmation page, write down your account number and CPNI password. You will need these to set up your account.
  11. Once you have them written down, click “Setup Online Access”
  12. Enter your information to Register an Account. Click “Get Registration Code” – code will be sent to your email address.
  13. Enter your Verification Code (provided in your email) and CPNI password (hint: refer to step 10 for CPNI password)
  14. Agree to our Terms and Conditions and continue into your AccountView.

How do I manage my account and update info?

Log into your account at AccountView. Enter the username and password created when you registered and select "Log In."

  • This is where you can update account information, view billing statements, manage your devices, and more.

How do I add, register, or delete a device on my account?

Adding additional devices to your account is simple and may be done in one of two ways.

Add A Device Through The Splash Page

  1. From the device you would like added to your service, connect to the "InternetNow5G" WiFi network setting
  2. Open a web browser so that our sign up page populates.
    (If it doesn't load immediately, navigate to a non-https website such as
  3. Once the sign up page populates, select "Log Into Your AccountView" under the section "I'd Like To Add A Device To My Account."
  4. When you log into your AccountView with the desired device, it will automatically add it to your InternetNow service
  5. Simply name your device and add!

Add A Device Through AccountView

  1. Log into AccountView
  2. Click on the "Support" tab and select "Manage Devices"
  3. Add the MAC address and name of your device

Is the InternetNow WiFi network safe and secure?

When connecting to our InternetNow WiFi network, you may notice an alert indicating you are connecting to an open network (Unsecured). This is because we do not use WPA2 for our main security feature. In doing so, we would need to provide every customer at the residence the same password, making the network unsafe. For our InternetNow service, we use MAC based authentication which only allows authorized devices to connect to our network. Additionally, we also enable Client to Client isolation, that restricts direct wireless connections with other users (Clients). The combination of these two features increases the security on the network. We also encourage customers to use secure https websites to further encrypt traffic being distributed over the internet.

How do I turn off Random MAC or Private Address feature?

Updates to iOS 14 and Android 10 include added features which change the MAC address of your device for each network your device connects to. In order to experience InternetNow, customers will need to turn off the Random MAC or Private Address feature. For directions on how to disable this feature, please visit the MAC address support page.

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