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Getting Started

AccountView Setup

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The following detailed how-to instructions for AccountView, the Alaska Communications online billing and account management system, will assist you in managing your account with us.

If you already have an AccountView profile, skip to the section where you need assistance.


CPNI stands for Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI), and references specific information we have based on our relationship with you, as your service provider. This information includes details about your service(s) you purchase from us including type, location, and amount of use. How CPNI is used and enforced is regulated by the FCC.

For your privacy, your CPNI privacy code is required to display your account information, including bills, if your privacy code is provided. This is a (four-digit) pin that was sent to you via your address of record (email or mailing address if no email was provided) after signing up for service with us. If you have not received this code, or do not currently have your CPNI privacy code, please contact us at 855-907-7015.


  1. Go to the login page:
  2. Click “Register Now” under New User
  3. Add your information and click “Register”
  4. Once you receive the AccountView registration confirmation email, click on the link 
  5. Enter your login credentials
  6. Click on “My Profile” at the top of the screen and select “Add Account”
  7. Enter your account information, your CPNI privacy code (if you have it), and click “Add Account”
  8. If you do not have your account number or CPNI privacy code, please call customer support 855-907-7015 to retrieve


  1. Once your account is added, go to the AccountView Home screen
  2. Click the orange “Make or Schedule a Payment” button
  3. Under the Choose Payment Method dropdown, select “New Credit Card” or “New Bank Account”
  4. Click “Review Payment”
  5. Review payment and select “Proceed to Pay”
  6. Enter your billing information and make sure to check the “Save Card” or “Save Bank Account” box if you’d like to save this card/account for later use
  7. Enter payment information and click “Process”


  1. Go to the AccountView Home screen
  2. Next to your account number, select “Enable AutoPay”
  3. Select a payment method (or add new), then click “OK”


  1. Go to the AccountView Home screen
  2. Under your account, click “View” then “Bill Prints”
  3. Enter your CPNI privacy code, or click “I Forgot My Code” (to have it resent to you)
  4. Click “View” to view your bill


  1. To update your CPNI privacy code or address of record go to the AccountView Home screen
  2. Select “Privacy Code” next to your account number
  3. Enter your CPNI privacy code and click “Verify My Privacy Code”
    If you forgot your privacy code, click “I Forgot My Code” to have your CPNI privacy code resent to you (this will occur by mail or email, depending how it was originally established)
  4. Here in the Privacy Code Maintenance screen, you can update your CPNI privacy code, update your security questions, and change your address of record to/from USPS or email. Your address of record is where we send your CPNI privacy code upon request.
  5. If you update your address of record to “USPS,” we will use the billing address we have had on record with you for the past 30 days
  6. Click the orange “Update CPNI” button

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