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AKTechDirect Support

AKTechDirect Support Center

Get the most out of your AKTechDirect service with support for getting started, managing your account, and more.

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Getting Started

Common questions regarding service.

AKTechDirect provides Alaska businesses quick access to IT support services and cloud applications suitable for small to mid-sized businesses. A cloud platform managed by Alaska Communications, AKTechDirect offers productivity applications like Microsoft Office 365 and support services like helpdesk and application onboarding. Consolidate your IT services into one central location and manage your subscriptions simply with single sign-on and one monthly IT invoice.

  1. Visit AKTechDirect web portal
  2. Select Sign Up (in top right corner)
  3. Enter your email address (this will be the login you will use to access your account) – an email will be sent to the email address provided.
  4. Open the email and click the Activate Account and follow the prompted steps to complete activation
  1. Visit AKTechDirect web portal
  2. Select Log in or Sign Up (in the top right corner)
  3. Once logged in, click the shopping cart icon in the top bar to access apps
  4. Select the application or support service that you wish to purchase and click Buy Now
  5. Complete the ordering processes (differs slightly between apps) and click Submit Order
    • Credit card payment must be made at time of purchase
  6. Access your new applications by visiting the Applications page on the top bar

Need additional help getting started? Our representatives are available to assist you with your app purchases. Contact Alaska Communications Business Sales team at 855-565-2556 .

No, your AKTechDirect applications will be billed separately from Alaska Communications services. All AKTechDirect applications are prepaid and on auto-pay via credit card. Statements are available online in your AKTechDirect account.

The use of each application or service is subject to terms and conditions. Each application has its own terms and conditions and can be reviewed and agreed upon at time of purchase. AKTechDirect has separate terms and conditions which are agreed upon at the time your account is created.

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AppHelp Support Services

Support services for setting up and using cloud applications.

AppHelp is a company Alaska Communications has engaged to provide Alaska businesses with IT support services. AppHelp IT specialists are available around the clock to provide you with IT helpdesk support, migrations services, onboarding services, training, and more.
If you purchased a support service (tech support or IT) from AKTechDirect, you will contact AppHelp directly through your account subscription. Contact information is provided in your application and can be accessed by logging into your AKTechDirect account and opening your support service app. Support services are available via phone or chat.
All Helpdesk Services are available to purchase and use 24/7/365. If you have purchased an onboarding or migration service, AppHelp will coordinate with you to schedule a time that works best for your business.
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Managing Your Account

Password, Users, Apps, Subscriptions

  1. Go to AKTechDirect web portal
  2. Select Log in in the top right
  3. On the login screen, select Forgot Password
  4. Enter the email address you use to access your account and click Send Email
  5. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password
  1. Log in to your AKTechDirect Account
  2. Select Account at the top right of your screen
  3. From here, navigate the settings in which you would like to update including: applications, users, assigned apps, billing and company settings.
  1. Log into your AKTechDirect Account
  2. Select Account
  3. Select Manage Apps
  4. Find the application you wish to change and select Manage or Update Subscription

Here, you can add additional licenses, change your subscription, or cancel your subscription. Please note the terms of the application you are purchasing, as some applications require a 12-month commitment. Refunds will not be processed for cancelled orders.

Many applications allow you to administer users using AKTechDirect or in the vendor portal. However, if you have purchased a Symantec subscription, you can only administer users using the vendor portal.

Follow the steps below to assign applications:

  1. Log into your AKTechDirect Account
  2. Select Account
  3. Select Users (in the top bar) and create a user for each person you are looking to assign applications to. They will receive an email, asking them to activate their account. They will be able to log into their AKTechDirect account and access their applications or they can access the vendor application.
  4. Select Assign Applications (in the top bar)
  5. Select the application you wish to assign
  6. Select the user you wish to assign it to
  1. Log into your AKTechDirect Account
  2. Select Account
  3. Select Billing in the top bar

This will show you invoices, payments and billing info. Here you can update your billing information if you need change the credit card on file.

If you’ve been assigned as the “Company Admin” or a “Billing Admin” role, you can call Alaska Communications billing and account support at 855-565-2556