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Alaska Communications

Unlimited Internet

Get unlimited streaming, watching, gaming, playing, listening, and keep connected with Alaska Communications' Unlimited Internet Service. We'll never charge you for going over your data and we won't throttle speeds if you do go over. Enjoy high-speed Internet the way it was supposed to be - all for one, low, flat, monthly rate. Experience the unlimited possibilities.

Welcome to Alaska's
true Unlimited Internet
Get more with unlimited – a free modem, free installation,
free Wi-Fi, high-speed, reliable service, and a whole lot more.
Internet Without Limits
We give you Internet without throttling, data buckets, or overages. Since it’s Unlimited Internet, there’s no need to check your usage, stop using the Internet, or pay more to increase your plan or data bucket.
No Surprises
No overages, no unexpected charges, and no surprises. We offer just one simple plan with no tricks or gimmicks. You get all the terrific, hassle-free Internet you need for just $79.99 a month.
Reliable Internet
With the cable company you share a network connection with your neighbors, so when traffic increases — your connection slows down. We give you a dedicated line, providing consistent and reliable Internet.
Unlimited Possibilities
Limitless, boundless, unbridled – that’s unlimited. Made to stream without worrying how much you, your family, or roommates use. No data caps, buckets, or limits. Enjoy all the data you need.
No need to choose your speed. We provide the fastest service available to your home. No throttling, waiting for speed, or sharing bandwidth with your neighbors. Welcome to high-speed Internet you can count on.
Customer support
Our experts are here to help. From your free home installation and setup to knowledgeable technical support, our team is ready – or get 24-hour support online. We’ve got you covered.

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