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Alaska Communications

Home Voice

Get reliable Home Voice service and a variety of plans and features based on your home needs. Living in Alaska means being prepared for anything - no matter the forecast - and our landline service provides you with reliable service for both everyday use and during an emergency.

We connect Alaskans
across the Greatland and beyond
Get reliable service you can count on
to call across town or around the globe.
Connections you can count on
Get reliable service for both power outages and security systems with the most dependable connection to keep your home safe.
Features to Meet Your Needs
Expand your phone functionality with features that are flexible and convenient, plus advanced voice mail to never miss a call.
Local and Beyond
Stay connected easily with local calling, affordable long-distance and expand your reach to include worldwide international calling.
Customer support
Our experts are here to help. From your free home installation and setup to knowledgeable technical support, our team is ready – or get 24-hour support online. We’ve got you covered.
Choose the right plan
Get the most from your home voice service. View our easy plan and features comparison chart and see which of our plans are right for you.
Home Voice Basic
No-frills calling with just the basics. Unlimited local calling is included with your home line. Enjoy a crystal-clear connection with no dropped calls and no delays.
Home Voice Plus
Need to have long distance, but don’t use it often? Home Voice Plus gives you everything in the Basic package along with 100 minutes of out-of-state calling. Includes our most popular calling features and voicemail.
Home Voice Premium
This is the package for those who need the most out of their phone service. Enjoy unlimited local calling, advanced features, 300 minutes of out-of-state calling, and the reliability and impeccable quality of the Alaska Communications voice network.
Easy Plan and Features Comparison
Service* Basic Plus Premium
Residential Line
Unlimited Local Calling
Out-of-State Long Distance free minutes per month   100 300
1. Know Who's Calling
Caller ID - Number Only  
Caller ID  
Caller ID on Call Waiting  
Last Call Return  
Distinctive Ring  
Caller ID with Anonymous Caller Rejection    
2. Never Miss a Call
Call Forward Busy Line and Call Forward Don't Answer  
Call Forwarding  
Call Waiting  
Continuous Redial / Call Attendant / Enhanced Busy Call Return  
Follow Me Call Forwarding    
3. Customize Your Calling
Speed Calling  
Anonymous Caller Rejection    
Three Way Calling    
411 Directory Assistance Blocking    
Toll Denial    
Restrict Sent Paid    
*Some features are not available in all locations.

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