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Webinar Series

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Benefits of Employee Training and Awareness, and Vulnerability Management

Wondering if you should integrate cybersecurity Employee Training and Awareness into your organization’s cybersecurity plan? Here’s what the numbers say:

  • 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error. (Cybernews, 2022)
  • 43% of all breaches are insider threats, either intentional or unintentional. (Varonis, 2022)
  • Cyber attacks caused by compromised employee passwords cost on average over $383,000 annually. (Fundera, 2021)
  • $17,700 is lost every minute due to a phishing attack. (KnowBe4, 2022)

And what about Vulnerability Management? Nearly 21,000 vulnerabilities were published in 2021 (PenTest Tools, 2022), yet 33% of IT pros say they don’t do any regular vulnerability scanning (RapidFireTools, 2021).

Tailored to fit businesses of any size and industry, these fully managed solutions are key pillars in any organization’s risk plan. Please join us for the final event in our Security as a Service (SECaaS) Webinar Series where we’ll dive into Employee Training and Awareness, and Vulnerability Management, and how they can help your business stay protected.

Icon depicting cybersecurity penetration testing

A Buyer’s Guide to Cybersecurity Penetration Testing

The cost of cybersecurity breaches is high. Penetration testing, or pen testing, identifies the feasibility of an attack on your company’s systems and applications and is the first integral step in securing your organization’s network. Here’s what’s at stake:

  • 817 reported data compromises to U.S. organizations (Statista, 2022*)
  • 53 million individuals impacted (Statista, 2022*)
  • $9.44 million average price tag of data compromise to U.S. organizations (IBM, 2022*)
  • 59% of consumers are likely to avoid companies that suffered a cyberattack in the past year (Arcserve, 2020)

We are helping organizations from becoming part of these statistics. In the first webinar of our interactive Security as a Service series, you’ll learn about the integral step in protecting your business from cybersecurity threats, penetration (pen) testing, and how it can help your organization avoid unnecessary loss.

*First 6 months of 2022

Icon depicting vCISO considerations

Key Consideration Factors: Is a vCISO right for your business?

You may not have a dedicated CIO or CISO, but a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) can monitor and manage cybersecurity incidents, and mitigate threats to your organization.

Each moment from discovery to containment to notification can mean loss for your business: lost data, lost revenue, lost customers, lost trust. You are invited to the second webinar in our interactive Security as a Service (SECaaS) series to learn how a vCISO can help your business minimize risk, avoid losing what matters most to your business, and help you gain peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated security resource.

  • 84 - Average number of days to discover a cybersecurity incident*
  • 5 - Average days from discovery to containment*
  • 74 - Average days from discovery until notification*

*Stats taken from BakerHostetler (2022)

Icon depicting network security assessments

Spotlight On Network Security Assessments

Cybercriminals can penetrate 93 percent of company networks (Forbes, 2022) which makes investing in cybersecurity more important than ever. Common types of vulnerabilities include*:

  • Misconfigurations
  • Unsecured APIs
  • Outdated/Unpatched Software
  • Zero-day Vulnerabilities
  • Weak/Stolen User Credentials
  • Access Control

With the cost of breaches high and the risk significant, pinpointing a starting point to identify these issues and protect your business can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help.

A Network Security Assessment can be a great starting point and will analyze, assess and test your organization’s network to determine both its strengths and weaknesses. Join us for the third event in our Security as a Service Webinar Series to learn how the information we share in this webinar can serve as a starting point to securing your network.

*Crowdstrike 2022