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Security as a Service

Protect Your Business

Balancing business information security needs while maintaining regulatory compliance within an ever-changing digital landscape is challenging for many organizations.

Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) provides a means to cost-effectively address your business information security needs. By working with Alaska Communications, you'll have access to advanced technologies that are fully customized to meet your business needs and simplify important processes that might otherwise be difficult to manage.

Webinar Series Security As A Service

Our free webinar series help simplify cybersecurity options, providing you with an opportunity to hear from experts, ask questions, and get answers.

Join us as we explore topics that include penetration testing, vCISO consideration factors, network security assessments, employee training and awareness, and vulnerability management.

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Pen Testing

Penetration testing takes you from assuming your security protection is working, to knowing it is. Alaska Communications applies three types of pen testing:

Web App Pen Testing

Web Application Penetration Testing identifies the feasibility of an attack on your company’s internet-facing web application(s) to determine the extent of impact of a successful exploitation of that intrusion.

External Pen Testing

External Penetration Testing identifies the feasibility of an attack on, and determines the extent of impact of a successful exploitation of, your company’s internet-facing systems.

Internal Pen Testing

Goal-Based Internal Penetration Testing identifies the feasibility of an attack and determines the extent of impact of a successful exploitation of internal systems against one or more realistic threats.

Security Services That Best Fit Your Needs

We can help to protect your organization by defining and deploying right-sized I.T. policies, procedures, and technologies.


Vulnerability Management

Regular vulnerability assessments and threat analyses, focused on both the internal and external environment of your business, are critically important to understanding and mitigating security risks.

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Network Security Assessment

Uncover and identify security weaknesses and flaws. We will analyze, assess and test the overall design and integrity of your network.

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vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer)

Many businesses cannot take on a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), but industry specific compliance standards often require one. With our vCISO solution you don’t have to choose between a costly hire and non-compliance.

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Employee Training and Awareness

Technology is only one part of an effective cybersecurity solution. Educating employees and raising awareness about social engineering attacks is critical to reducing the risk of a breach.

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