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Cyber Security

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With cyber criminals becoming more sophisticated than ever, cyber crime remains a serious threat facing businesses of all sizes. In 2022, cyber criminals will increasingly use tactics that focus on compromising internet-facing infrastructure.

Whether you need support creating and customizing a cyber security strategy or simple solutions to protect your critical data, Alaska Communications has the tools and expertise to help keep your business protected.

Key Considerations for Your

Cyber Security Strategy Planning

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In today's digitally connected world, a data breach or data leak can damage your reputation, lead to lost customers, and in some cases completely ruin a business. For this reason, network security, data protection, and network monitoring are of the utmost importance.

Tools like security information and event management (SIEM) software, properly implemented firewalls, packet filtering, Network Access Control solutions (a.k.a. NAC solutions), and advanced threat detection such as Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS) are at the heart of modern network security and data loss prevention.

From implementing data loss prevention (DLP) for your enterprise security posture to learning how to best leverage secure network monitoring tools, Alaska Communications is here for you.

Attackers can breach your network using spear phishing or other malicious techniques designed to fool even those with a security background. Regular business security awareness training plans are needed to keep users diligent. Properly executed security training help make standard users less susceptible to social engineering and poor security practices, therefore increasing your overall network security.

By leveraging a learning management system (LMS) and our wealth of knowledge on security best practices, we’re able to help our customers develop a security awareness program that works for them. When security best practices are common knowledge amongst users, security posture is significantly improved.

Email and web browsing are two of the most common entry points for malware that can wreak havoc on a network. Ensuring your email protection solution is able to keep users secure without creating a prohibitively high amount of false positives is important. Determining phishing attacks from legitimate emails and offering email protection against all types of malware is needed to keep your network secure. If something does slip through the cracks, having a reliable tool to remove malware and advanced endpoint protection can limit the spread of threats.

Leverage technology like spamblocker with real-time protection, gateway antivirus, web blockers, application controls, and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) to keep your endpoints secure. With our managed IT security services and wealth of expertise and resources, we can implement security best practices to protect your business.

Disaster recovery is a must when it comes to business continuity. A proper disaster recovery plan ensures that your business can remain productive with little or no downtime in the event of a disaster. While many businesses have a plan for data backup and recovery, it is common for a business to have a recovery process that is untested, and therefore unreliable.

A robust approach to disaster recovery ensures your business can operate even if the system goes down. When you consider one hour of downtime costs from $8,000 (small business) to $700,000 (enterprise) per hour, and the average disaster recovery takes 18.5 hours, the importance of disaster recovery for business continuity becomes clear.

Scheduling backups, maintaining backups at remote locations and in cloud storage, and testing those backups can be a difficult task. Our team at Alaska Communications can help design the ideal disaster recovery plan for your use case. As a Barracuda Silver partner, member of its partner advisory board, and Alaska’s leading broadband provider, we’re able to help our customers develop disaster recovery and backup plans that are resilient and robust.

Attacks and threats to a network are an unfortunate reality of modern IT. Many businesses simply don’t have the resources to stay up to date with the latest software patches and Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) announcements or develop a reliable and scalable incident response plan. Having a robust threat detection and response strategy can help reduce risk, limit the lateral movement and dwell time of malicious software in the event of a breach, and maximize business uptime.

Proper change management, incident response, and vulnerability management strategies are a vital part of effective security operations. Our Managed IT Services can help your business enhance security posture, improve overall network security, and ensure threats are addressed before breaching the network. To learn more about how our Managed IT Services can help you modernize your network security, check out our overview.

Limit risk, configure internet content control and data lost prevention by using the principle of least privilege to ensure your business is following sound security practices. By properly configuring Active Directory, file permissions, and folder permissions you can ensure users can do only what they need to and nothing more.

The nuts and bolts of managing user privileges can be complex. Having the right read, write, and execute permissions, managing roles, and ensuring you have the right owner group configured for a given application can get out of control quickly. Ensuring you have the right permission set for the right user is key. By allowing our team to work alongside your IT staff, we can reduce oversights, preventing breaches or downtime that impact business continuity.

Our Managed IT Services help ensure that your business adequately controls use of administrative privileges, properly configures your domain controller, securely integrates Office 365 to your network, and much more. To learn more about our managed IT services, check out our overview.

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