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Monthly Data Calculator
Find the right plan by estimating how often you perform common tasks.

How many emails do you send and receive in a day?

How many hours do you Skype in a week?
How many hours a day do you surf on the web (visit web pages, shop, etc)?
How many hours do you stream TV online every week?
How many hours a day do you stream music online?
How many pictures do you upload or download from your computer in a day?
How many Facebook©, Twitter, blog or other online social media posts do you make in a day?
How many HD movies do you download and watch each week?
How many hours do you game online every week?

The calculator is meant to be used as a rough estimate of data usage. Actual usage is dependant upon web sites visited, applications used, and the amount of data transferred to and from your Internet devices. For actual use, please contact your current provider. For more information about our Home Internet with no data caps and limits, please call 800-808-8083.

Based on your selections,
your total estimated monthly
Home Internet usage is:
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Data Use Key
Email 20KB/email
Skype (video) 175.5MB/hour
Web Pages 30MB/hour
Streaming Music 30MB/hour
Streaming TV 120MB/hour
Uploading Images 500KB/each
Social Media 15KB/post
Downloading HD Movies 2.3GB/each
Online Games 200MB/hour
Txt Messages 15KB/each
MMS Messages 94KB/each
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