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Alaska Communications

Download your favorite music from the web or transfer your MP3 collection.
Turn your phone into a mobile internet connection and connect WiFi enabled devices to the internet.
Access thousands of apps for your Android device.
Watch, share or make your own video with easy access to a point-and-shoot video camera.
Use the Android operating system with Google integration.
Windows Phone
Featuring Windows® operating system.
Voice Commands
Use Voice Commands to more safely operate your phone.
Text Messaging
Let your fingers do the talking via text to send messages to everyone in your address book.
Use your phone as a modem for one internet device.
4G LTE - 10 times faster than 3G speeds. Is 4G LTE right for you? Be sure to check coverage and network availability, or chat with one of our 4G LTE experts today. We'll get you going, 10 times faster!
Picture Messaging
Send photos and messages via text, email or IM to everyone in your address book.
Get where you need to go, and arrive on-time (or fashionably late) to restaurants, movie theaters, concerts and more with instant navigation.
Numeric Keyboard
Blackberry Appworld
Download thousands of apps on your BlackBerry device.
Use a mini-browser to access web pages specifically designed for non-smart phone.
Access the Web with a touch of your fingertip.
App Store
Access thousands of apps for your iPhone.
Data Support
Stay entertained wherever you go with music, movies, TV shows and more.
Sync your email account and computer calendar with your phone to stay organized and receive reminders on the go.
World Phone
Travel the world with this phone.
Military Specs
Built to withstand extreme pressure, temperature, dust, vibration, and immersion in water.
Enable hands-free communication and voice commands.
Capture memories with the click of a button.
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