Local and Long Distance Phone Service
First-class phone service for Alaska

Alaska Communications is dedicated to providing Alaska with first-class local and long distance service. Whether you’re calling someone in Deadhorse, Anchorage or Dubai, we work hard to bring you industry-leading service and technology. And switching to Alaska Communications is easier than ever. You can even keep your current number and choose from a wide array of plans and features based on your needs. Read below to find out which plan and features are right for you.
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Calling Features

Alaska Communications offers an array of Custom Calling Features to enhance your telephone service. These features add convenience and expanded services at reasonable rates.

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Home Phone Messaging

Alaska Communications Voice Mail allows you to get your messages whether you’re online, on a call, or when there’s a power outage.

Long Distance Calling Plans
With Alaska Communications Long Distance service, you not only get the quality of one of Alaska’s smartest networks, you get a simple plan, where you select a flat monthly rate for calls from your home to any city in the Lower 48, the U.S. Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico. Find out more
International Calling Plans
Alaska Communications offers competitive rates for international long-distance calls. Find out more
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