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Visual Voicemail
Last Updated 12/18/2014 9:16 AM

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What is Visual Voicemail and how do I use it?
Important Information

Some customers are having technical problems updating to Visual Voicemail after downloading the iOS6 update. The issue isn't with iOS6, you can download that and enjoy all the benefits of the new Apple operating system.
  1. If you're an iPhone user who hasn't yet downloaded iOS6, please hold off for just a bit. We're working on the issue so that all customers can upgrade to Visual Voicemail. We'll send out updates as more info is available.
  2. If you've already updated your iPhone to iOS6, and can receive and listen to voicemail messages, your software updated your iPhone correctly and no further action is needed!
  3. If you've already updated your iPhone software with the new iOS6 version, and are unable to receive or listen to your voicemail messages, call us at 800-808-8083.

Q. What is Visual Voicemail?
A. Visual Voicemail is a new feature that Alaska Communications is providing to our customers, free of charge. Visual Voicemail allows you to see new messages and choose which one you want to hear first.

Q. How do I update my iPhone to support Visual Voicemail?
A. To support Visual Voicemail on your iPhone, you'll need to update your phone to iOS6. We have step-by-step instructions to make that happen. Before you start, you'll need a WiFi connection - then, from your phone, go to Settings. Click on General, then go to Software Updates. You'll be prompted through the update. Click on the link below for easy step-by-step instructions to help walk you through your phone upgrade.

Updating your iPhone iOS

Would you like to know more information on iOS6 and all the upgrade features? Simply go to iOS 6 Software Update.

Q. What if I have saved messages that aren't listed on the Visual Voicemail screen?
A. If you have old or saved messages that aren't listed on your Visual Voicemail screen, call 907-792-5100 by October 31 to retrieve them.

Q. What if I have old saved messages that I want to keep?
A. If you have old voicemail messages that you want to save, call Customer Service at 800-808-8083. Customer Service will help you setup an online account that will allow you access to old voicemail messages. Your old voicemail messages will be stored for you to access for 30 days.

Q. What does my phone look like as I'm setting up Visual Voicemail?
A. We have step-by-step screenshots (posted below) to walk you through what your phone will display as you set up your Visual Voicemail.


  • You will then see all your voicemail messages at once can and listen to them in the order you want. While listening to voicemail, you can control playback using play/pause button. You can replay portions of a message you find hard to understand using the scrubber bar. You can call back the number. You can delete messages then undelete or confirm delete.
  • The greeting message can be changed at any time. You can choose the default system greeting or record a custom one. If your greeting is recorded, you can listen to it or record a new one.
  • The password can be changed from settings -> Phone -> Change voicemail password.

Q. What do I do if my phone "freezes" or looks like it's stuck in a loop when I'm trying to activate the Visual Voicemail?
A. If it looks like your phone is stuck in a loop while activating Visual Voicemail, these easy-to-follow steps will walk you through a quick fix.
  1. Try closing the program manually
  2. Make sure you're on WiFi
  3. Reopen the program
  4. Press the Home Button to close the VVM app and return to the Home Screen
  5. Press the Home button Twice to view all open applications
  6. Press and Hold an app to display the red close out option - close the Phone app
  7. Go Back into settings and begin the Visual Voicemail download again (see the images above)
  8. If you're still having problems after going through these steps, give us a call at 800-808-8083 so we can investigate further
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