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Troubleshooting an over quota mailbox
Last Updated 11/29/2012 6:21 PM

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Why is my e-mail address over quota?
Alaska Communications E-mail Storage FAQ

You've been referred to this web page because your mailbox is over your storage quota. At this point, until you are no longer over quota, the e-mail server will return messages sent to you to the senders. (Please note that our upgraded e-mail system no longer counts junk e-mails or spam against your overall storage quota.) This page will walk you through possible reasons for this error and potential fixes.

Possible Culprits. If you have not recently received a large amount of e-mail or a large attachment, the most common reason for exceeding your mail quota is an improperly configured POP e-mail client. If the e-mail client is currently configured to "leave mail on server" this could result in you exceeding the quota. We recommend that you turn this option off if you do not need to keep mail that you've already downloaded to your computer. Alternatively, contact us to arrange for a larger mail quota.

Troubleshooting. A good way to troubleshoot mail quota issues is to use the web-based e-mail client located at:

By looking at the "Folders" section on the left, you can see a quick overview of your messages and see where the bulk of your messages are and where you may wish to delete messages. Your quota is also displayed at the top of the page.

Click here for information about viewing your quota.

Please remember that all folders except Trash and Junk count towards your quota.

Large Attachments. Your mail server is configured to reject attachments that exceed your e-mail quota.

Contact Information. If you have any questions or need any help with your mail quota or any other issue, please contact us.

People sometimes need to receive large attachments. Your mail server is configured to reject messages that exceed your e-mail quota.

Our previous e-mail system allowed you up to 24 hours to retrieve messages over your quota before rejecting them. Because of performance considerations, this grace period is no longer available, and messages that would put you over your quota are now immediately rejected.
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