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Setting up Exchange or ActiveSync on the HTC Hero
Last Updated 11/27/2012 4:31 PM

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How do I access e-mail with Exchange or ActiveSync on my HTC Hero?
If you connect to an Exchange Server for your work e-mail, calendar and contacts, you can set up your Exchange ActiveSync account on your phone. Although your phone supports multiple e-mail accounts, you can only have one Exchange ActiveSync account on your phone at a time.

You need to set up and use an Exchange ActiveSync account that syncs with a server running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.
  1. Press HOME, and then tap Mail. If the Mail icon is not on your Home screen, tap the All Programs button on the bottom-left corner of the Home screen and then tap Mail.
  2. On the Choose a mail provider screen, tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. If you have already set up an e-mail account and want to add an additional account, tap the down arrow button in the upper-right corner of the screen to open the Switch account menu, and then tap New account.

    Tap the arrow in the upper-right corner to open the "Switch account" menu.

    Tap "New account" to add a new e-mail account.
  3. Enter your work e-mail address and password and then tap Next. For your phone to automatically set up your Exchange ActiveSync account based on your e-mail address and password, your corporate Exchange Server must support auto detection. If your corporate Exchange Server does not support auto detection, you will be prompted to enter the Exchange Server settings after you tap Next. Ask your Exchange Server administrator for details.
  4. Select the types of information you would like to synchronize (Mail, Contacts, Calendar or all) and then tap Finish setup.
Synchronizing your work e-mail, calendar and contacts

Allow your phone to auto sync with your corporate Exchange Server, or manually sync your phone at your convenience.
  • While you are viewing your Exchange ActiveSync Inbox on your phone, you can manually check and download e-mail messages by pressing MENU and then tapping Refresh.
  • To manually sync your work e-mail, calendar and contacts at the same time, press HOME > MENU, tap Settings > Data synchronization > Exchange ActiveSync, and then tap the Sync now button.
Setting a sync schedule

By default, your phone automatically syncs your work e-mail, calendar and contacts with your corporate Exchange Server on a fixed schedule. You can change the sync schedule, or disable auto synchronization if you prefer to manually sync your phone.
  1. Press HOME > MENU, and then tap Settings > Data synchronization > Exchange ActiveSync.
  2. Tap Schedule, and then select your choice from the Schedule menu.

    • Tap a time interval that you want to use for automatic synchronization.
    • Tap As items arrive if you want your phone to sync whenever there are new e-mail messages, calendar events, or changes to your work contacts.
    • Tap Manual if you want to manually sync your phone.
Changing sync settings

You can control how work e-mail and calendar events are synchronized and downloaded to your phone.
  1. Press HOME > MENU, and then tap Settings > Data synchronization > Exchange ActiveSync.
  2. Press MENU, and then tap Settings.
  3. There are three groups of settings that you can customize:

    • General Settings. Specify how to resolve conflict when the same items exist on both your phone and the Exchange Server. If you need to change your Exchange ActiveSync account settings, tap Configure server.
    • Mail settings. Control the amount of work e-mail by setting limits for the number of days of e-mail messages that are downloaded to your phone. You can also set the mail size limit, message format (HTML or plain text), and choose whether to include file attachments.
    • Calendar settings. Set the number of weeks of calendar events to sync to your phone.
  4. Press BACK after you are have finished changing the settings.
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