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Last Updated 11/27/2012 4:22 PM

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Can you tell me more about the HTC Hero?
Audio & Ringtones
Connectivity & Internet
Memory Cards
Power & Battery

What is the Android Market? The Android Market is a store accessible on the HTC Hero™ with thousands of applications, games and widgets available for download - both free and for-purchase.

How do I access the Android Market? Press HOME, tap the All Programs button (bottom-left virtual key), and then tap Market. When you open Android Market for the first time, the Terms of Service window will appear. Tap Accept to continue.

How do I download applications? Click on the Market icon and then click Applications. You can browse through various categories of applications and click on an application to view its description, ratings, user comments and more. To download an application, press Install. The application will begin downloading and you will receive a notification when it has been successfully installed.

In order to access the Market, you must be logged into your Google account and have access to the Internet via WiFi or data connection.

How do I delete applications? To delete an application that has been downloaded to the Hero, access the Android Market and press Menu > My Downloads > Select Application > Uninstall.

Why can't I see paid applications in the Market? Paid applications are currently only available in certain areas.

How do I use Satellite mode in Google Maps? Within Google Maps, press Menu > Map Mode > Satellite.

How do I find my location on Google Maps? Within Google Maps, press Menu > My Location.

How can I search in Google Maps? Within Google Maps press Menu > Search and enter the place or location for which you are searching.

Why does Street View not work in some locations? Currently Street View is only available in some areas; please refer to the Google Maps Web site at for details.

How do I join Latitude in Google Maps? If Google Latitude is available on your device within Google Maps press Menu > Join Latitude.

Why does Traffic mode not work in some locations? Currently Traffic mode is only available in certain areas; please refer to the Google Maps Web site at for details.

Where can I find more information about Android Market and Google applications for Android? For more information about Android and Google applications please visit

How do I watch YouTube? Press HOME > MENU, and then tap All Applications > YouTube. The YouTube screen appears with the videos grouped into categories, such as Featured, Most popular, Most viewed, Top rated and more.

How do I link a contact to Facebook? In the contacts menu, select any contact. Slide to Updates and Events > Tap Link Facebook Profile.

How can I make the keyboard more finger-friendly? One option is to adjust the calibration for the keyboard. Go to HOME > MENU > Settings > Locale & text > Touch Input > Text Input > Calibration tool. You can also choose to have the device vibrate/give sound feedback when the keyboard is pressed as well as enable/disable calibration.

How do I view and edit Microsoft Office documents? Quickoffice lets you view Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint files on your phone. Quickoffice supports viewing of Microsoft Office 2003 Word (.doc), Excel (.xls), PowerPoint (.ppt) and text (.txt) files. Editing documents is not currently supported.

How many browser tabs can be opened at the same time? You can open up to four browser windows.

How do I view Portable Document Format (PDF) files? After launching PDF Viewer, on the Open file screen, tap the file you want to view. Slide your finger on the screen to pan or go through the pages of the PDF file. While viewing a PDF file, press MENU to open another PDF file, zoom in, search the file, and more.

Why does the camcorder automatically stop recording? Camcorder videos by default turn off after a set period of time. To increase the time, press HOME > MENU > All Applications > Camcorder, then press MENU > Settings > Make sure "Recording length" is set to your preference.

Audio & Ringtones
How do I set my personal MP3s to be my ringtone? From the Music library, navigate to the song that you want to use as a ringtone. Touch and hold the song then touch Use as phone ringtone on the menu. The song is set as your default incoming call ringtone.

How do I adjust the media volume? To adjust the media volume when playing music or watching a video, press the VOLUME UP or VOLUME DOWN buttons on the left panel of the phone to adjust the media volume. The Music/video volume window appears on the screen to display the volume level.

How do I use the speakerphone? During a call, press MENU, and then tap Speaker on/Speaker off to toggle between turning the speakerphone on or off. The speakerphone icon appears in the status bar when the speakerphone is on.

How do I adjust the ringer volume? While on the Home screen press the Up/Down buttons on the side panel of the phone to adjust the volume. From the Home screen press Menu > Settings > Sound & display > Ringer volume and slide to the desired level and touch OK.

How do I adjust the call volume? During a call press the Up/Down buttons on the side panel of the phone to adjust the volume.

How do I set a ringtone for incoming calls? To change the ringtone, press HOME > MENU > Settings. Tap Sound & display > Phone ringtone. Tap the ringtone you want to use, then tap OK. The ringtone briefly plays when selected.

To what Bluetooth devices can I connect? The phone can connect to the compatible wireless earpieces/headsets, handsfree devices like car kits, and wireless stereo earphones.

Can I transfer files between my PC and phone using Bluetooth? Transferring files between your phone and PC using Bluetooth is not yet supported. To transfer music, pictures, and other files from your computer to your phone's memory card, you need to set the memory card as a USB drive. Connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable. A notification icon will appear in the status bar. Open the notifications panel, tap USB connected and then tap Mount.

What Bluetooth profiles are supported? The Hero supports Bluetooth headset (HSP), handsfree (HSP) and stereo (A2DP and AVRCP) profiles. You can connect your phone to a Bluetooth handsfree headset or a Bluetooth car kit and use those devices to listen to music and send/receive calls. Transferring files between your phone and PC using Bluetooth is not yet supported.

How do I connect my phone to another device using Bluetooth (Bluetooth partnership)? Before pairing, ensure that your Bluetooth device is discoverable (consult your device user manual for instructions). Press MENU > Settings > Wireless controls > Bluetooth settings and then select the Bluetooth check box. Tap Scan for devices. The pairing and connection status will appear below the handsfree headset or car kit name in the Bluetooth devices list. When the Bluetooth handsfree headset or car kit is connected to your phone, the Bluetooth connected icon will appear in the status bar.

How can I change the device's Bluetooth name? The phone name identifies your phone in a Bluetooth network. Make sure that you have turned on Bluetooth. On the Wireless controls screen, tap Bluetooth settings > Device name. Enter the name for your phone in the dialog box, and then tap OK.

Connectivity & Internet
How do I setup an Internet e-mail account? From the All Programs screen, tap Mail. On the "choose a mail provider" page, tap OTHER (POP3/IMAP). Enter the e-mail address and password, select an account name and input your name, and then tap Finish. Please check with your e-mail provider to obtain the server information, if it is not automatically provided.

How can I manage certificates for my WiFi network? Go to MENU > Settings > Wireless Controls > WiFi Settings > Menu > Advanced > Security certificates.

How do I toggle Airplane Mode? Press HOME > MENU > Settings > Wireless controls. You can also turn Airplane Mode on and off by pressing and holding the END CALL / POWER button for three seconds, and selecting Airplane Mode.

How do I stay connected to my WiFi hotspot even when my phone goes into sleep mode? Go to HOME > MENU > Settings > Wireless Controls > WiFi Settings > MENU > Advanced > WiFi Sleep Policy. From here you can choose from the following options:

  • When screen turns off
  • Never when plugged in
  • Never
NOTE: Sleep mode conserves battery power.

How do I open multiple tabs in the browser? On a browser window, press MENU > Windows. Tap the "+" button to open a new window. You can open up to four browser windows.

How can I set up a static IP to be used when connecting to my WiFi network? Go to MENU > Settings > Wireless Controls > WiFi Settings > MENU > Advanced > Use static IP and enter your settings. Please consult your LAN administrator for the appropriate settings.

What is the Extended Home screen? The extended Home screen is a customizable platform that allows the Hero to best fit your mobile habits. Press HOME, and then slide your finger horizontally across the screen to go to the left or right side of the extended Home screen. There are six additional screens apart from the main Home screen.

How do I extend the backlight time? Adjust the time before the screen turns off after a period of inactivity by pressing HOME > MENU > Settings > Sound & display > Screen timeout. Tap the time before the screen turns off.

How do I make the touch screen more responsive? Calibrate the screen by pressing Menu > Settings > Locale & Text > Touch Input > Text Input > Calibration Tool. This will help personalize the phone's responsiveness to each user.

What could be causing my phone to get a poor GPS signal? The GPS signal cannot pass through solid, non-transparent objects. Signal reception may be affected by obstructions such as high-rise buildings, tunnels, bridges, forests, weather (rainy or cloudy days), etc.

Do I need a Google account to use the phone? To use the device you do not need to set up a Google account. The first time you turn on the phone you will be prompted to either Create, Sign in or Skip setting up a Google account. However, to take full advantage of the phones features, it is recommended that you use your Google account with the phone.

How do I remove an application shortcut from the Home screen? Drag the icon to the Phone button (The Phone button changes into a Trashcan with the text "Remove"). When the icon and the Remove button both turn red, release it.

How do I move application shortcuts to a different location on the Home screen? Touch the item, hold and drag to another location.

What if I've forgotten my Google Account password? On your computer, open your browser and go to On the right side of the page, click I cannot access my account. In the "Please select your issue" section, select I forgot my password. Click Reset your password now, and then follow the procedure for recovering your password.

How can I show the notifications panel? When a new notification icon displays in the status bar at the top of the Home screen, press and hold the status bar, then slide your finger down to open the Notifications panel. If you have several notifications, you can scroll down the screen to view more notifications.

How do I drag items to extended Home screens? Without lifting your finger, drag it to the left or right edge of the screen until the display shifts to the extended Home screen. Position the item on the screen and then release it.

What information is displayed through the notifications panel? The notifications panel displays the date, carrier name, missed calls, finished installations, program downloads, SMS/e-mail notifications, synchronization status, and more depending on the applications installed on your device.

How do I hide the notifications panel? Touch the bottom of the notifications panel and drag up or press Home.

How do I add an application shortcut to the Home screen? Within the Applications tab touch and hold until the Applications tab disappears. Release it to place the item on the Home screen.

What type of keyboard or input methods do I have? When you start a program or select a field that requires text or numbers, the on-screen keyboard becomes available. You can choose from these keyboard layouts: QWERTY, Compact QWERTY, and Phone keypad.

How do I change the keyboard? Press Menu > Settings > Locale & Text > Touch Input > Keyboard Types. Once in this menu, select which keyboard to use.

How much internal memory does this phone have? ROM: 512 MB, RAM: 288 MB

Can I lock the screen during a call? The screen cannot be locked during an active call, but it will turn off after the set period of time.

Does the HTC Hero have a stylus? The HTC Hero does not have a stylus. There are none designed for use specifically on the HTC Hero.

Can I Bluetooth ringtones and pictures? This feature will be available soon.

Can I assign ringtones for different contacts? Yes. To assign a contact-specific ringtone, go to People, select the contact and press Edit. Click Ringtone and select which ringtone you would like to use for this contact.

Does this phone assign speed dial? Yes. To assign a speed dial, go to People, select the contact and press Menu. Click Set Speed Dial, select the number to call and the available speed dial number you wish to associate with the contact.

Why does a notification tone not change when I set it? Change the default notification tone by pressing Menu > Settings > Sound & Display > Notification Sound > Select new sound. If a third-party messaging application is being used as the default, this will not change the incoming message tone. You will have to change the notification tone within the application you've set as the default service.
Memory Cards
Does the HTC Hero hold a memory card? It will hold up to a 16GB memory card (sold separately).

Can I install applications to my microSD™ card? Currently programs can only be installed on the devices internal storage.

Why can't I see pictures stored on my microSD™ card using Albums? To see pictures stored on your microSD card using Albums, please ensure your device is not mounted as a USB storage device. Open the Notifications Panel (by touching and then dragging the status bar down) on your device, then in the Notifications Panel, touch Turn off USB storage > Turn Off.

How do I send a text message? To send a message press HOME > MENU > All Programs > Messages then on the All messages screen, tap Compose message. Enter the mobile phone number of the message recipient in the To field. As you enter the phone number, matching contacts will appear on the screen. Tap the text box that contains the text "Tap to compose," and then enter your message. When done, tap Send to send the text message.

Can I set up my free Yahoo! e-mail account? Yes, Yahoo! e-mail accounts will work on the HTC Hero. It does not have to be a Yahoo! Premium Account to work.

How do I send SMS/e-mails to multiple people (non-grouped people)? To create and send a text message, on the All messages screen, tap Compose message. The Compose screen opens. Enter the mobile phone number of the message recipient in the To field. As you enter the phone number, matching contacts will appear on the screen. Tap a recipient or continue entering the recipient's phone number. To add another recipient, simply tap the To: field again and tap another number or name.

How can I store attachments received in my Exchange Server e-mails to my memory card? Go to Mail > Menu > More > Settings > General Settings. Set "Save attachments to" to your preference.

How do I create a contact? To add a new contact, press HOME > MENU > People. On the All tab, tap Add contact. Select the Contact type, for example Google or Exchange. This determines the account with which the contact will sync. Then, do one of the following:

  • For Exchange or Phone contact type, tap the Name field, enter the first and last name of the contact, and choose the order in which to display the names. Tap OK.
  • For SIM or Google contact type, tap the Name field and then enter the name. Enter the contact information in the fields provided. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Save.
How can I use/remove my signature in Exchange Server e-mails on my device? Go to Mail > Menu > More > Settings > General Settings > check/uncheck "Use signature." Under "Signature," you can use your preferred signature.

Can I send an e-mail/SMS to multiple contacts without having to add them in the "To" field one-by-one? Yes, you can create groups which contain multiple contacts. Open Programs > People > Groups.

Can I view old e-mails from my exchange server e-mail? Go to Mail > Menu > More > Settings > Send & Receive > set "Download Past Mail" to your preference.

How do I enable Exchange e-mail to auto-receive while roaming? Press HOME > MENU > Settings > Data synchronization > Exchange ActiveSync. Press MENU, and then tap Settings. Check "Sync when roaming."

How many e-mail accounts can I set up on the HTC Hero? There is no maximum number of e-mail addresses allowed on the HTC Hero.

How do I create a music playlist shortcut on my Home screen? Press MENU > Add > Shortcut > Music playlist and select the playlist you would like to add to the Home screen.

How do I manage music? Since Music only plays audio files saved to the memory card in your phone, you must copy your audio files to the memory card before you open Music. Connect the phone to your computer via USB and set it as a USB Drive. We suggest that you copy music from your computer to the phone into a folder called "MUSIC" (if it doesn't exist, create it), but your phone will play all music files found on your memory Card.

How do I zoom in and zoom out in albums and Web pages? Zooming in and out is now available in albums and Web pages. Simply use your index finger and thumb to "pinch" the image to zoom out, and spread your fingers to zoom in.

How do I move backward and forward within a song? Within playback mode, touch and hold the reverse or forward icons, or touch anywhere along the track to play from that location.

How do I take pictures and shoot videos using my phone? Press HOME > MENU > then tap All Applications > Camera if you want to capture photos or Camcorder if you want to shoot videos. When you open the camera, the screen orientation will adjust depending on how you are holding the phone. For the camcorder, the screen automatically switches to landscape orientation. Press the trackball to begin recording.

How do I view images and videos I've captured using the Camera program? To open albums press HOME > MENU > All Programs > Albums. Albums let you view photos and playback videos. You can also view your photos or your friends' photos on Facebook or Flickr. For photos, you can also do basic editing tasks, set them as your wallpaper or contact picture, and share with your friends.

How do I record a video? Press HOME > MENU > All Applications > Camcorder. Frame your subject on the screen. Press the trackball button to start capturing video. Press the trackball again to stop capturing video.

How do I check the phone information (MEID, WiFi MAC address, Signal strength, etc)? To view the phone information including MEID, WiFi Mac address and other information, press HOME > MENU > Settings > About phone > Status.

Why does my trackball flash? The trackball flashes when you receive an incoming call or a notification.

How do I set up a conference call? To set up a conference call, make a call to the first conference call participant. When connected, press MENU and tap Add call, and then dial the number of the second participant. The first participant is put on hold when you dial the second participant. When connected to the second participant, tap the merge icon. To add another participant to the conference call, tap the conference call screen, and then dial the number of the contact.

How do I make a call using the Dialer? You can make calls using the Dialer, by either dialing a number directly, or using the Smart Dial feature to search and call a contact in People or a number from your Call History. When you enter the first letter of the name or number of a contact, Smart Dial searches for contact phone numbers and the first character of a contact name as well as from the character that appears after a space, dash, or underscore in a contact name. As you enter more letters or numbers, the list shows only the corresponding matches.

How do I set up my Contact Card? My contact card provides a convenient way to store your personal contact information so that you can easily send it via MMS. In addition, you can log in to your Facebook and Flickr accounts to receive notifications of your contacts' updates and events. On the All tab of the People screen, tap Me > here to edit contact.

How do I send a meeting request from my phone? To send a meeting request using the Exchange ActiveSync account press HOME > MENU > All Programs > Mail. Switch to the Exchange ActiveSync account. Press MENU and then tap More > New meeting invitation. Enter the meeting details and then tap Send.

Power & Battery
When I first receive my phone do I need to charge the battery? New batteries are not charged when shipped. Before you start using your phone, you need to install and charge the battery for eight hours. Some batteries perform best after several full charge/discharge cycles.

How do I optimize the battery power? Battery performance depends on many factors, including network configuration; signal strength; the temperature of the environment in which you operate your phone; the features and/or settings you select and use; items attached to connecting ports; and your voice, data and other program usage patterns. To increase battery performance you can turn off Bluetooth, GPS, Mobile network, WiFi, notifications and other options that you may not frequently use. You can also decrease the screen brightness and the screen timeout time.

Why does the phone heat up when I'm charging the battery or when I'm making long-duration calls? It is normal for the device to heat up during charging. After charging, it will return to its normal temperature. It is normal for the device to heat up when you are using the same function for a long time, such as making long-duration calls or recording a lengthy video clip. Rest assured that all HTC devices are factory tested before being released.

Why doesn't my battery talk time and standby time last as long as the estimates? Battery performance depends on many factors, including but not limited to your wireless service provider's network configuration, signal strength and the temperature of the environment.

What if I've forgotten my unlock pattern? When you fail to draw the correct unlock pattern on the screen after five attempts, you will be prompted to wait for 30 seconds before you can try again. If you forget your screen unlock pattern, tap Forgot pattern. You will be prompted to sign in using your Google Account name and password, and create a new screen unlock pattern before the Home screen displays. You may also reset your phone back to the factory default settings. Resetting the phone deletes all data, including downloaded applications, and resets the phone back to its initial state.

How do I unlock the screen? To unlock the screen press Menu and, if needed, draw the pattern you set to unlock.

How do I create a Google Account? On your phone or PC, go to and click Sign in, in the top-right corner. On the next screen, click on Create an account now. Enter in the appropriate information and click I accept. Create my account. Once you've created your account, you can enter the details onto your phone by pressing MENU > Settings > Data Synchronization.

How do I remove programs and applications? You can uninstall any program or application that you have downloaded and installed from Android Market. In the Market, tap My downloads, tap the application you want to uninstall, then tap Uninstall. When prompted, tap OK to remove it from your phone.

How do I change languages? To change the language of the operating system press HOME > MENU > Settings > Locale & text > Select Locale and then select the language you want to use.

What must I configure when I turn my phone on for the first time? You may be asked to determine some options, view tutorials, or set up a WiFi connection. On the Set up accounts screen, choose which accounts you want to set up. Tap Skip if you do not want to set up accounts.

How do I reset the browser to default and clear all browser data? Within the Browser press Menu > More > Settings > Reset to default.

When I connect my phone to my PC how do I stop the Found New Hardware Wizard from launching on Windows XP? When you see the Welcome to the Found New Hardware Wizard on the PC select Yes, this time only > Install the software automatically. When you see the message Cannot Install this Hardware place a check in the Don't prompt me again to install this software box and then Finish.

How do I synchronize my phone with my PC? You can find the latest version of HTC Sync and drivers from Support section of the HTC Web site at The USB debugging checkbox in HOME > MENU > Settings > Applications > Development needs to be selected for the phone to be able to synchronize with the PC using HTC Sync. On your computer, run HTC Sync. Connect the phone to the computer using the provided USB cable. The first time you synchronize the phone, the Synchronization Settings Wizard starts automatically to help you set up HTC Sync. Select the PC application you want to synchronize with and then select the categories you want to synchronize. Select when to synchronize data and then check the settings that you have chosen.

How do I synchronize my phone with my Google account services such as Gmail, Calendar and Contacts? From the Home screen, press Menu > Settings > Data synchronization to see which Google services are available. Enable the services you would like to sync. You may also enable Auto-sync to automatically sync data or press Menu > Sync now to perform an immediate synchronization.

Why should I use my Google account with my phone? Using a Google account on your phone will provide synchronization between Google services such as Gmail, contacts, and calendar events.

My phone will not power on, or repeatedly reboots when starting? When the phone is powered off, press the END CALL/POWER button and hold the MENU button until the system boots up to the Home Screen. Then the Safe mode notification will be shown on the bottom left of the display. In Safe mode, all third-party applications will not be executed so you can boot up your phone successfully to uninstall any applications which you may have recently installed or which may be stopping your phone from booting correctly.

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