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About CPNI - Your Customer Information
Last Updated 7/27/2016 10:10 PM

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What is CPNI and how do I manage it?
A. Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) is the information created by the nature of your relationship with Alaska Communications. This includes our products and service(s) you subscribe to, how you use them, and related billing information such as usage and location. Your telephone number, name, and address are not considered CPNI. All information is private, protected, and is kept secure.

Q. How will Alaska Communications use my customer information?

A. Your customer information is used to offer you our full range of services, plans, offers, events, promotions and products that can enhance or improve your current service.

Q. How do I give my consent to use my CPNI?

A. No further action is needed – and we will not use your information for at least 33 days after this notice was mailed to you.

Q. If I decide not to allow use of my CPNI, will I ever hear about other offers about the products I already use?

A. Restricting use of your CPNI will not eliminate other types of marketing and service messages relating to the type of service you already purchase from Alaska Communications. You’ll stay informed!

Q. Can I change my mind about giving permission?

A. Absolutely – you can update your CPNI permissions at any time, at your convenience, by following these instructions to change your privacy settings:

  1. Log into your AccountView profile at
  2. Beneath the name of the Account, click on your Account Number
  3. Select “Edit Privacy Code"
  4. Enter your current Privacy Code and click “Submit”
  5. Change your message preferences, then click “Submit”
  6. Log out
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