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Alaska Communications

Frequently Asked Questions for Home

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How do I sign up for local Lifeline service?

Stop by any Alaska Communications store or complete the online application, and we'll get you set up. Only one participant per household. Download Alaska Communications Lifeline Application.

What documents do I need to sign up?

An Alaskan ID and proof of physical address. If you qualify by income, you must bring 3 consecutive months of qualifying documentation.

What is the purpose of verifying eligibility each year?

The FCC mandated the use of annual verification of continued eligibility to substantially strengthen protections against waste, fraud, and abuse of the program; improve program administration and accountability; improve enrollment and consumer disclosures; and constrain the growth of the program in order to reduce the burden on all who contribute to the Universal Service Fund (USF).

How will Alaska Communication verify my continued eligibility in the Lifeline program?

Alaska Communications will contact Lifeline subscribers by calling to complete an updated Lifeline Assistance Program - Recertification Form. The subscriber must complete and return the form to validate their continued eligibility in the Lifeline program.

How long do I have to reply to the request to recertify my eligibility in the program?

The rules that require that subscribers must respond within 30 days of the date of the notice to maintain eligibility in the Lifeline program. Thus, Alaska Communications must receive the completed form on or before the 30-day closing date to validate continued eligibility on or before the 30-day closing date.

What will happen if i do not respond before the 30-day closing date?

The FCC's rules for recertification require telecommunications providers to remover the Lifeline discount of any subscriber that does not recertify their Lifeline eligibility within 30 days. So, if Alaska Communications does not receive the written response by the closing date, the subscriber's Lifeline credits will be removed from the subscriber's account. This means that the subscriber's total billed charges will increase by the amount of the Lifeline credits the subscriber had been receiving.

Unlimited Internet

What is Alaska Communications Unlimited Internet Service?

Alaska Communications Unlimited Internet is a service that delivers the Web to devices in your home. With no data limits or no overage charges, it's truly the Internet the way you want it!

Will I be charged extra to download movies, music, etc.?

No. With Alaska Communications Unlimited Internet Service, there are never any overage charges (those nasty extra fees for going "over" your monthly usage). Surf the web, stream music, or watch all the video clips or movies you want and you'll never pay more than your monthly fee. (Sites and vendors may charge service fees. For more information, read our Acceptable Use Policy.)

Is Unlimited Internet Service available at my home?

Find out what speed of unlimited Unlimited Internet Service is available in your area - contact us today.

Why is Alaska Communications Unlimited Internet Service better than a cable provider?

Easy - we don't limit your data usage, so you will get the speed you pay for all month long with unlimited downloads. And since we don't give you limits, you will never be charged an overage fee. Plus, we deliver the Internet to you over a dedicated line - that means your Internet speed won't be compromised because your neighbor is online! Here are some more details: Why Alaska Communications is the best choice.

How fast is Alaska Communications Unlimited Internet Service?

Alaska Communications Unlimited Internet Service is available up to 50Mbps - with upload speeds up to 10 Mbps. That means screaming fast gaming, browsing, and streaming - this is Internet the way it was meant to be used. (Speeds can vary depending on your location, network load, and other factors).

Here's what our speed can do:

10 Mbps — High-def entertainment: Stream video, games, movies, TV and music
15 Mbps — Heavy Data use: Stream HD moves, TV download songs, listen to music and surf the web
30 Mbps — Multiple heavy-data users: Watch movies and TV in HD, surf the web, game, and listen to music from multiple devides in one home
50 Mbps — Always online: For the household with many devices and multiple users - upload and download HD movies in a flash, play multi-user games without lag, watch TV and surf the web on all your connected devices at once

What equipment do I need to get Alaska Communications Unlimited Internet Service?

In addition to your computer, you will need a Unlimited Internet modem. You may need filters for your phone wall jacks. The good news is it's all included in your Alaska Communications Unlimited Internet Service kit.

What are filters and why might I need them?

The filters that are included in your Unlimited Internet Service kit are easy to use and ensure you get the Internet speed you're paying for without any disruptions. You'll need to use the filters if you have several corded phones plugged into the wall phone jacks throughout your home. Our easy-to-follow 5-step instruction guide shows you how to use filters.

If I disconnect my modem, will my home phone still work properly?

Yes, your home telephone service will operate - even if the modem is unplugged or otherwise disabled.

Will my fax machine be affected when I'm surfing the web?

No, your Unlimited Internet Service will not disrupt your phone or fax service.

What kind of phone cord should I use to connect the modem to the wall jack?

You should use the phone cord in your Unlimited Internet kit, but any standard phone cord that is less than 10 feet in length - with no joined cords - is acceptable. If you need a longer cord, we suggest a longer Ehternet/LAN cord from a local retailer - these can be up to 200 feet long without losing signal strength!

How do I install my Alaska Communications Unlimited Internet Service?

Once you place your order for your Unlimited Internet Service, we will mail you a self-install kit. Our easy-to-follow 5-step instruction guide is included in the kit, and our live Technical Support is always available if you run into any trouble.

How do I install WiFi on my computer?

Everything you need to install WiFi comes with your Unlimited Internet Service Kit. The letter attached to the box (or given to you in the store) has your User Name and Password to get you started. Then just follow these simple steps within our guide on How to Set Up WiFi.

How many email accounts come with Alaska Communications Unlimited Internet Service?

Alaska Communications Unlimited Internet Service includes 5 email accounts.

Where can i get help if I need it?

We're here to help. Give us a call: 800-808-8083 Monday through Friday from 8 am to 7 pm and Saturday and Sunday 9 am - 5:30 pm (closed on holidays).


How do I check my voice messages?

Dial your voicemail box number, and when greeted, press the star(*) key
Enter your PIN (personal ID number), followed by the # sign
Press 1 for voicemail
Press 1 to listen to your messages

How do I change my PIN?

From the main menu, press 4 (mailbox settings menu)
Press 3 for security options
Press 1 to change your PIN

How do I erase a message?

After you have listened to the message you wish to erase, press 3

How do I save a message?

After you have listened to the message you wish to save, press 2

How do I turn up the volume when listening to a message?

While listening to a message:
Press 6 slowly, each time you press it, the message will get a little louder
If you press 66 in succession, it will play the time/date of the call

How do I recover deleted messages?

Go to the Erased Messages menu (press 6 from the main menu)
Listen to the erased messages, and when you hear the one you want to restore, press 2

How do I forward a message to another subscriber?

Listen to the message you would like to forward, then press 5
Record an introduction to your message for the listener
Enter the voicemail number in which you would like to forward the message

How do I change my personal greeting?

From the main menu, press 3, then:
Press 1 for personal greeting
Press 3 for a system-generated greeting or to change your recorded name
Press 1 to choose the type of system greeting
Press 2 to review or re-record the recording of your name

How do I turn off or turn on the time and date of a message (message header)?

From the main menu, press 4 for Mail Box Settings:
Press 2 for Hands-Free and Time Saver Options
Press 3 for Preferences
Then press 1 for Header or 2 for Body

I am a new customer or I am setting up my new voicemail and I don't know what my PIN is?

Your temporary PIN is the last four digits of your phone number. You will be required to change the PIN once you enter the voicemail system for the first time.

I have one-touch dialing and it is not working with the new voicemail system. How can I fix it?

You need to change your temporary PIN to your old PIN that was used to set up your one-touch dialing. If you don't know what your old PIN is, you will need to speak to a customer service representative to have them help you setup a new one-touch dialing PIN.

Helpful Hints

Skip ahead to the next task, or message: Press the #key.
Skip back a section: Press the star (*) key.
To slow the playback of a message: While the message is playing, press 7.
To hear date and time details of a message: Press 66.
To rewind a message 5 seconds: While the message is playing, press 77.
To fast-forward a message 5 seconds: While the message is playing, press 99.
To return to a previous message: Press 11.

Voicemail Menu Options

  • [1] Review Messages
    • [1] Voicemail
      • [1] Repeat
      • [2] Save
      • [3] Erase
    • [3] Faxes
    • [9] Future Delivery Messages*
  • [2] Send Message
    • [1] Delivery Options
    • [2] Mark as Urgent
    • [3] Mark as Private
    • [4] Re-Record Message
    • [5] Report on Send*
    • [6] Report on Read*
    • [7] Add Recipient*
    • [9] Schedule for Future Delivery*
    • [#] Send as is
  • [3] Work with Greetings
    • [1] Personal Greeting
    • [2] Extended Absence*
    • [3] System Generated Greetings and Name Recordings
    • [5] Busy Greeting
    • [6] Out-of-Office Hours Greeting*
    • [9] Forward all Calls to Voicemail Greeting*
    • [*] Exit Menu
  • [4] Mailbox Settings
    • [2] Handsfree and Time Saver Options
    • [3] Security Options (Change PIN)
    • [5] Notification Settings
    • [6] Additional Settings
    • [*] Exit Menu
  • [5] Reminders
    • [1] Reminders Settings
    • [2] Add New Reminder
    • [3] Recurring Reminders Settings
    • [4] One-Off Reminders Settings
  • [6] Review Erased Messages
    • [1] Voicemail
      • [1] Repeat
      • [2] Restore
      • [3] Permanently Erase
      • [4] Reply
      • [5] Send a Copy
      • [#] Next Message
    • [3] Faxes*
  • [7] Switch Accounts
  • [*] Exit

(*) Only available with upgraded voicemail services.

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