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Alaska Communications

Managed Wi-Fi

Today’s workers demand mobility to be their most productive. To deliver it, businesses need a fast, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi connection. Our experts can consult with you on the solutions you need to get your workers mobile and help them stay productive.

Managed WiFi

Flexibility with Reliability
When racing from meeting to meeting, you don’t have time for interruptions. You need a constant connection to your wireless network, wherever your day takes you. With a seamless signal handoff between access points, your connection is continuous when passing between conference rooms and hallways.
Stay productive with reliable Wi-Fi connection, and enjoy the flexibility of a network designed to fit your ever-growing needs while reducing IT costs and downtime. Our technical experts will design and deploy a Wi-Fi solution scaled for your business.
Aruba Networks
We chose Aruba Networks as our partner for their focus on wireless security and customizable resources, including:
  • AirWave – multivendor management to proactively optimize performance of the wireless network
  • Enterprise-strength WAP encryption keys secure your connection to the access points
  • Clear Pass – authenticate users based on Active Directory to keep your connection private
  • Adaptive radio management – a green initiative that allows you to adjusts power settings to increase or decrease the range of your access points depending on traffic levels
  • Context controls – regulate access from certain devices with service set identifiers (SSIDs)
  • Aruba Central – manage the wireless network with the flexibility of the cloud

Need help managing your IT?
Our team can help monitor your network and enable security features, so that you don’t have to.
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