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Alaska Communications

Disaster Recovery and Backup

How would your business be impacted if one day your data was gone? An astounding 60% of businesses that experience the disaster of losing their data will close their doors within six months. Whether the cause is operational, weather related, or due to human error, data loss is a disaster if you’re not prepared.

We've got your back(up).

Having a disaster recovery plan in place is imperative to business continuity. Deploying and managing a disaster recovery plan can be a daunting task, especially when your organization operates in multiple locations. As both a Barracuda Silver partner, and a regional member of the partner advisory board of one of the world’s largest backup solutions providers, our team of industry experts are here to help. We bring our expertise to assist in creating, evaluating and deploying a comprehensive strategy using the latest solutions available and our diverse network. From conception to deployment, our experts work side-by-side with you to help prepare for data loss and restoration.

Reliably store and quickly retrieve the data and applications your business needs by replicating your data to the cloud for a secure and reliable recovery. Our experts will help you evaluate and implement cloud solutions that best fit your recovery objectives.
In the event that a disaster occurs, uphold business continuity with an updated and tested backup recovery plan. Our experts will help build a plan for your entire organization, considering key components crucial to your recovery.
Alaska Communications provides reliable local support to assist with configuration, maintenance, and assistance in helping you to migrate your solutions.
Make deployment and management a breeze. Our team has made the investment in becoming experts in the technology to help strengthen the continuity of Alaska businesses.
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