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Alaska Communications

Employee Benefits

Comprehensive benefits from a thriving company.

Alaska Communications wants you to be happy and healthy at work and at home. That's why we offer such an extensive benefits plan to our employees. Read on to see just how far we go to ensure our employees that you and yours are taken care of.


Alaska Communications provides eligible employees Medical, Dental, Prescription Drug, and Vision coverage. Our Health and Welfare Programs:

  • Give you more than other companies, so you pay less at your doctor's office.
  • Cover our employees across the nation.
  • Allow you to receive benefits as early as your 2nd month of employment.

Flexible Spending Accounts

We make it easier on your checkbook when you are sick. With a Flexible Spending Account, you can pay your out-of-pocket and dependent care expenses like health care, co-pays, orthodontia, medical supplies, over the counter drugs, even day care and nannies with your paycheck before you pay your taxes.

Employee Assistance Program

Life is hard. We know it. We can help you with a broad range of life’s personal challenges and we keep it all confidential.

Magellan offers confidential in-person or telephone counseling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Flexible Time Off and Personal Time Off

Alaska Communications cares about your health and well-being. We know that you need to have a balance of work and play in your life to be healthy and perform your best for us. So, we help you get there. Here's how:

  • We give you generous Flexible Time Off Accruals. You can use your day off, or you can save it for another time.
  • We offer Personal Holidays, Traditional Holidays and time for Bereavement and Military Leave.


Alaska Electrical Pension Plan

If you are an employee based in Alaska, Alaska Communications contributes an amount based on position or base salary to the Alaska Electrical Pension Plan. And, we do it with your pre-tax dollars.

401 Retirement Savings Plan

A 401(k) is a perfect partner to a Pension Plan. You control how much you want to save, where you want to invest your money, and we put aside your pre-tax dollars for you. For our employees working outside of Alaska, we match your contribution up to 6%.

Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Alaska Communications Systems gives you insurance benefits that are equal to your annual base salary, up to $50,000 for each benefit.

Long Term Disability Insurance

We help take care of you if you become disabled. Alaska Communications Systems gives you benefits at 50% of your monthly salary up to $6,000 per month.

Optional Additional Coverage

We're happy to help you protect your family. That's why we offer competitive rates for you to buy additional life insurance. And, to make it easier for you, we offer payroll deduction to cover the cost.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan

We want to share in our success. We give you the chance to buy Alaska Communications Systems stock at a 15% discount off the market value. You can begin owning your share of Alaska Communications at the start or the end of a six-month offering period. You can purchase stock twice a year, and you can manage your account online.

Service Discounts

We want you to tell your friends and family about the great products we have at Alaska Communications. And, we help make it easy for you to enjoy them. We give you a discount on Wireline services. So, surf for less - on us.

Tuition Reimbursement

You're smart. If you work for us full-time, we can provide tuition assistance. We'll reimburse you for the classes you take that help you further your Alaska Communications career. We'll pay up to $5,000 per year. But, work hard and keep your grades at "C" or above.

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