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Cloud Business Office

Keep Up With Technology

Stay current and connected with today’s technology. Cloud Business Office from Alaska Communications is a full office solution giving you access to the latest communication, computing and connectivity resources needed to grow your business.

What’s included:
  • Voice over Internet
  • Microsoft® Office 365™
  • Business Internet Plus

At Alaska Communications, it’s our goal to help you achieve new business objectives, solve your most pressing business challenges and keep you up-to-date with technology. That’s why we’ve combined internet, voice and Office 365 into one simple solution. Cloud Business Office has the tools and resources needed to help you improve productivity, increase mobility, and enhance collaboration.


It's time to move your business to the cloud.

Improved Mobility

Mobilize your workforce with advanced phone features and on the go applications. Access and share all your files, tools and contacts with the Alaska Voice app and Office 365 solutions.

Access the Cloud

Since Voice over Internet and Office 365 are hosted in the cloud, you'll get anywhere access to your office phone, contacts, documents, and important files.

Stay Up to Date

Save time and resources with automatic updates. Since Voice over Internet and Office 365 are connected to the cloud, you will always have the latest versions of the desktop and mobile applications, with unobtrusive updates.

Drive Productivity

Stay online and be productive with seamless connectivity and access to the cloud. With unlimited data and high upload speeds, Business Internet Plus keeps you reliably connected with no data limits or unpredictable expenses.

Enhance Collaboration

Work better together with simple, easy-to-use tools. Hold online meetings, share calendars, IM your co-workers, communicate on the go and access the most up-to-date documents, all stored in the cloud.

One Provider

Reduce the number of vendors supporting your business and simplify to one, local provider who is dedicated to keeping you connected, mobile and productive - at one price and with one simple solution.

Business Internet Plus

Our Business Internet Plus delivers higher upload speeds that can boost productivity and increase computing efficiency, especially those applications that require real-time, two-way communication and cloud connectivity. Experience a reliable and seamless Internet connection built to support modern cloud applications such as Microsoft Skype for Business and Office 365.

Voice over Internet

Gain business mobility while staying connected with your customers and employees from virtually anywhere. With Voice over Internet you get:

  • HD Voice with top-of-the-line business phones
  • Dedicated voice network access
  • Web-accessible voicemail
  • Big-business features like Music On Hold and Auto Attendant

You also get rich phone feature options plus a mobile app that integrates with your office phone system, and free in-state and out-of-state minutes.

Microsoft Office 365

Work faster and smarter across your favorite computing devices with Microsoft Office 365. Create, edit, and share Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents from your PC/Mac, iOS, Android, or Windows devices. Stay connected by email and easily manage your meeting and appointments with Outlook. Add users and services to scale to your business needs. And best of all—Office 365 updates itself, so you always have the latest features.