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Fleet Management

Manage and control your fleet remotely from any online computer or even your smartphone.

Fleet Management is a GPS and cellular-based technology that enables a company to monitor its fleet remotely. By incorporating a range of functions, such as precise vehicle location, geofencing, various alerts (speed, idle, maintenance) and advanced reporting, a company that relies on transportation for its business will be able to improve workforce productivity, reduce operating cost, minimize risk and improve the safety of its fleet and workforce.

The Fleet Management system incorporates a combination of network hardware and software to deliver relevant tracking and operational status of your fleet. Each fleet vehicle is equipped with an onboard GPS tracking device that communicates across the Alaska Communications wireless network, providing details on location, direction of travel, and speed. Other vehicle specific information, such as ignition status (on or off) and other fleet manager-defined inputs, is also collected and transmitted once every minute.

A fleet manager can access this information from a computer workstation via a simple and intuitive, web-based software application. This Fleet Management portal provides a convenient means to monitor the precise location of the fleet on a graphical map and analyze speed, stop times, and other activities, as needed.

Through advanced reporting the fleet manager can review specific aspects of the reported data. The parameters of the alarms available through the tracking interface can also be defined to alert at specific thresholds, such as speeding, geofence entry and exits, off-hour equipment use and more.

Pricing for Fleet Management is structured on a contract basis. Our Client Account Managers can assist you with specific questions about pricing for your fleet.

Free Demonstration
To request a free demonstration of the Fleet Management system, or to learn more about how we can customize a solution for you, contact us today.

Following are frequently asked questions regarding Alaska Communications Fleet Management system. If you don't see your question and answer here, contact a rep to get your specific questions answered. A rep will be in contact with you within one business day.

What size fleet can benefit from the Fleet Management system?
Just about any size fleet can gain benefit from the system. Even a fleet with as few as 3-5 vehicles can gain efficiencies in fuel consumption, dispatching, location acknowledgement, and safety for its operators.

What happens when I’m out of cell coverage? Do I retain information?
Yes. Should the fleet vehicle's network connection become disrupted, it will begin to re-communicate once network connectivity recovers. All interim vehicle operating information is transmitted over the restored connection.

How can a Fleet Management system save me money?
Our Fleet Management can provide you with valuable insights into your fleet operations that can assist with reducing your operation costs including:

Monitor Engine Idle Time – Unnecessary idling contributes not only to wasted fuel, but also to increased engine wear, reduced engine life, and increased air pollution. With high fuel costs even one hour of extra idling per day can increase operating expense significantly.
Speed Monitoring – As speed increases, so does fuel consumption. With the ability to monitor your driver activities you can more effectively manage the fuel costs of your fleet, as well as the behavior of your drivers.
Regular Maintenance – By tracking the parameters you use to maintain your fleet, whether it is by miles, hours, or time periods, you can proactively ensure that your fleet is operating as efficiently as possible and that you aren’t over or under maintaining your fleet.
Fleet Size Analysis – Determine your needs by right-sizing your fleet with ongoing analysis of your over and under-utilized vehicles.
Unauthorized Vehicle Use – Through customizable off-hour alerts you will be able to track any unauthorized use of your vehicles.

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